I like fall

colorado-fall-foliage3Out of all the seasons fall is my favorite. There is something in the air that has always felt good to me. It’s a time when you look up and see the leaves are turning and the air has a slight chill. The heat of summer gone and you know that winter is coming but for a few weeks still you have time to take care of last minute chores.

Halloween-FrankensteinThe best holidays are in fall. Halloween, which is my favorite, is perfect for fall. Costumes can be hot anyway so dressing up on a cool October night is just right. After a night walking with the kids you take off the makeup and sit in the warmth and watch a nice scary movie. Maybe a little popcorn or some other movie snacks at your side while the kids pour their candy on the floor.

tiphanie-right-railThen there of course is the football season. Where we spend our Sundays with beer, chips and other fatty foods making banter and bets we won’t keep. Lamenting the fact our teams are horrible once again but hoping upon hope that they’ll at least pull out a five hundred season and beat the Broncos.

Thanksgiving soon arrives and with the family all around.  ThanksgivingFeast1256311645 We have the meal we wish we could eat year round. We don’t feel guilty, we must prepare for winter. Remember, in winter the fat get skinny and the skinny die. Wait, that’s winter warfare. Well the point still stands.



After we’ve buttoned up the house, removed the patio furniture we settle in for winter. Our heavy coats at the ready, gloves placed close to the door we stare out to watch the snow arrive.


10 thoughts on “I like fall

  1. Spring is my favorite season, but the fall leaves are pretty. I am not looking forward to the cold..But looking forward to decorating for christmas!

  2. This is the Most Entertaining blog on the Net. I liked the part where you said ” The Fat get Skinny and the Skinny DIE” Something just not right about that but TRUE….I know I will not have any problems this winter. And the Football thing…I must inject that my Packers are 5-0………


  3. Once when I was a Youngster I went Deer Hunting with my Uncle Bill and JB Senior. We were laying in some grass with rifles down range awaiting a poor deer to stumble upon this water hole to take a drink. At least that is what my Uncle Bill said.Well I had a fifth of Jim Beam in my pocket and since I was getting a bit cold began to Sneak a sip once in a while….Until JB Senior got a whiff of the alcohol from a change in the breeze. Of course he took it away from me and the two of them drank the rest. I got my fair share but the whole taking it away from me was just WRONG.


  4. Right JB…I start off sharing and your Dad would have taken two sips to my one….I know the JB’s in my Family….


  5. I have been advised by my Advisory Committee to Run for the Office of Congress instead of POTUS.There are far more seats open and they too have a Good Retirement. If Joe can run why not 11th…..


  6. Bristol Brewing Co. in Colorado springs is doing their Winter Worlock Lager rollout party tonight. Fall is here and I wish you were too, JB to enoy one or two with me.

  7. Was wondering where the Raider love was. Sorry to see it back. 😦

    Tebow is the Chosen One! 😛

    Now that Al is gone, there is hope of winning in Black and Silver land!

  8. Brad, yeah yeah.. How about those Broncos…

    I agree on Tebow though. Should be the one playing.

    Al, well he was an ICON. Unfortunately I don’t think he was making good decisions the last 10 years. But a huge part of Football.

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