No plan in sight

It seems we are winding down our wars. Yet we are saying we’re staying. We point out the connection between the Haqqani Network and the ISI yet have negotiations with them both secretly. We tell our warfighters to win this war, to conduct COIN, yet tell them they better reduce their forces starting now.

Half steps in all directions?

I wonder if we have an actual plan for anything.

That is a plan not based on wishful thinking.


8 thoughts on “No plan in sight

  1. “””GO HILLARY””””
    If she was to be President she would Whoop Ass and Bill would get the Economy back on Track……
    The Rupublicans have no one worth a shit and the Dems are the Same….Cept Hill……….


  2. 11th I believe those of us here said Hillary would have been a better choice than Obama. Aha but the excitement and hope…

  3. What an awesome late entry she’d make. That would put the election in turmoil when the POTUS decides in July not to run…….

  4. I would say , maybe Bil should Talk her in to it….But on the other hand , maybe he should not say anything…..Reverse Psychology….
    If there was ever a time that a woman had a chance of the Presidency , this is it….


  5. JB , I was sharing my thoughts with the other two outsiders to this Blog….I know everyone here is a Hilary Fan…:)….

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