Cut it off..I say

The acceptance of the Palestinian mission into the U.N.’s cultural and educational agency could result in backlash from Washington, which is required by law to cut off funding to the agency if a Palestinian Liberation Organization is granted membership in any group at the international body.

The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization voted 107-14 with 52 abstentions on Monday granting Palestinians full membership in the organization. The U.S. voted against the nomination. Eighty-one votes of the 173 UNESCO members were needed for full membership to be approved.
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The UN has wasted enough of our money. 


Arab Spring or Islamic Springs

Is it possible that they simply don’t want the same things we do?  We in the west appear to believe that if we just give them Rainbows and lollipops they will love us and want to be like us.  But Rainbows can’t be touched and lollipops are messy. 

It seems in every instance when Islamic countries throw off the rusted chains of oppression they vote themselves a shiny new set.

What are the examples of modern Islamic countries voting themselves a mostly secular, human rights, individual rights based government? 

Chirp chirp… Yeah I know.  I think Turkey was the last.  Now it’s looking bad too.

Maybe we should just pull our troops out and our money and let them test their theories without us. 

Hell I’d bet it’s mostly our well intentioned money fueling this anyway.

Or better yet lets take up their tactics and fund all sides in their conflicts.  Then just sit back with some popcorn and watch the horror show. 

The results of the 60s maybe similar

This analysis seems pretty accurate. 

Occupy Wall Street and the Return of the McGovernites

The radicals of the 1960s deployed their justified opposition to the Vietnam War to blind themselves to the consequences and meaning of statism and Stalinism. Their aggressively willed ignorance produced the 1972 McGovern platform which re-wrote the traditional program of the European socialist parties in the American language of rights. Employment, educational quality, and housing were to become matters of right subject to the power of judicially supervised bureaucracies…

…The supposedly anti-authoritarian 68ers helped create a more cumbersome and bureaucratic government in the name of protecting newly minted rights. That affinity is being recreated in Zuccotti Park. It’s not just that the Occupy Wall Streeters are filled with hopes of recreating the spirit of the 60s. It’s that they are literally recreating the follies of the 60s in miniature…

…Like their McGovernite forbearers, the OWS movement, though chary till now of making explicit demands, insists that key elements of the economy, from housing to health to college tuition, ought to be provided as a matter of right, and free of charge. But whereas some of their precursors knew something of the courts and judiciary because of their key role in advancing civil rights, these epigones seem to think of government as a black box: You put your wishes in at one end and a smoothly running government bureaucracy fulfills those wishes at the other end…

It smells… like….losers…

Just out of curiosity anybody have a clue what these dim wits occupying wall street are about?  Seem like just more parasites that want YOU to pay their way.  Am I wrong?

Update:  11th do you think this guy really reads about Goldman Sachs and gets upset because someone got a huge bonus?  The MFer just want’s his handout paid for by those of us that worked and saved.  And since I was in the worst GI bill possible (VEAP) I ended up paying 70% of my degree out of my pocket while taking classes in f(&*(^*  hostle fire zones and in between deployments.  Got’s no love for them.

I like fall

colorado-fall-foliage3Out of all the seasons fall is my favorite. There is something in the air that has always felt good to me. It’s a time when you look up and see the leaves are turning and the air has a slight chill. The heat of summer gone and you know that winter is coming but for a few weeks still you have time to take care of last minute chores.

Halloween-FrankensteinThe best holidays are in fall. Halloween, which is my favorite, is perfect for fall. Costumes can be hot anyway so dressing up on a cool October night is just right. After a night walking with the kids you take off the makeup and sit in the warmth and watch a nice scary movie. Maybe a little popcorn or some other movie snacks at your side while the kids pour their candy on the floor.

tiphanie-right-railThen there of course is the football season. Where we spend our Sundays with beer, chips and other fatty foods making banter and bets we won’t keep. Lamenting the fact our teams are horrible once again but hoping upon hope that they’ll at least pull out a five hundred season and beat the Broncos.

Thanksgiving soon arrives and with the family all around.  ThanksgivingFeast1256311645 We have the meal we wish we could eat year round. We don’t feel guilty, we must prepare for winter. Remember, in winter the fat get skinny and the skinny die. Wait, that’s winter warfare. Well the point still stands.



After we’ve buttoned up the house, removed the patio furniture we settle in for winter. Our heavy coats at the ready, gloves placed close to the door we stare out to watch the snow arrive.

No plan in sight

It seems we are winding down our wars. Yet we are saying we’re staying. We point out the connection between the Haqqani Network and the ISI yet have negotiations with them both secretly. We tell our warfighters to win this war, to conduct COIN, yet tell them they better reduce their forces starting now.

Half steps in all directions?

I wonder if we have an actual plan for anything.

That is a plan not based on wishful thinking.