Afghanistan if your serious

CTC Haqqani Report_Rassler Brown Final_Web_Page_01The Haqqani network has been named  responsible for the recent Kabul attacks.  If you are serious about the fight in Afghanistan you must remove the Haqqani network and the Pakistani backers.  If we don’t we are wasting our time.  The Haqqani network has been at the center of everything in Afghanistan for over 30 years.  We know this. While they have kept a lower profile than Al Qaida without their support the insurgency would not survive.  But to remove them is a task that will lead back to Pakistan.  So are we serious?

U.S. warns Pakistan after suspected Haqqani attack

SAN FRANCISCO, Sep. 15, 2011 (Reuters) — Defense Secretary Leon Panetta warned Pakistan on Wednesday the United States would "do everything we can" to defend U.S. forces from Pakistan-based militants staging attacks in Afghanistan.

U.S. officials, including Panetta, suspect militants from the Haqqani network were behind Tuesday’s rocket attack on the U.S. Embassy compound in Kabul, as well as a truck bomb last Saturday that wounded 77 American forces.

"Time and again we’ve urged the Pakistanis to exercise their influence over these kinds of attacks from the Haqqanis. And we have made very little progress in that area," Panetta told reporters flying with him to San Francisco…

The Haqqani Nexus and the Evolution of Al-Qaida


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