All talk? President Obama

There is lots of talk lately about the irrelevancy of President Obama. If that is true the only one to blame is the President himself. President Obama was neither qualified nor prepared to take the office and its shows. Just as a senator, for those very few months, he has voted present. Now comes one more in a series of speeches that asks for the same old same old. There was nothing new. In fact as many have pointed out there is nothing at all but words. Where is this Jobs bill he speaks of?

You want jobs? Cut the red tape of government regulations, simplify the tax code and seriously reduce the EPA. No tax payer money needed. Cut government spending and get America off the dependent victim mentality that is destroying our way of life. Until those things take place I don’t see much hope for jobs or this country in general.


6 thoughts on “All talk? President Obama

  1. JB, I guess we differ on this. WE are to blame for a president who was wholly unqualified for the office to which WE elected him. I also believe that he is exactly what we needed to shake us out of our apathy as our nation takes a downhill slide. If either Clinton or McCain had been elcted rest assured that we would still be on the slide but it would be death by a 1000 cuts. We wouldn’t have noticed it until it was too late. The Tea Party would not exist with out this admininstartions ineptitued.

  2. I thought we were in agreement. I just wanted to get a little deeper. I don’t know if I could do anything more to throw an election than this administration. Remember my prediction about Hilary…….It will go two ways. She quits and runs or they dump Biden thereby bringing the excitement and her followers to the voting booth. Right now it’s not looking promising for them. It raises the question is he doing it on purpose? Ala Cloward and Piven? You would be hard pressed to convince me otherwise. It’s virtually the exact model that they prescribed to. Destroy the economy and force government dependancy in all areas.

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