The 60’s Counterculture

Well, the 60’s generation is firmly in charge now. The 60’s was an anti estabilishment counterculture. How is it they want the government who they shunned 50 years ago to take care of their every need? I have many, many friends from this generation and there is a chasm about a mile wide between our ideologies. I believe the government is there to take care of the common defense, police, fire, roads, clean air and water. They don’t belong in the womb, uterus, business regulations at the federal level, education at the federal level. They should be very involved in who is and isn’t here legally. They shouldn’t be telling me if I can smoke it bars or if I must wear a motorcycle helmet. If I want to carry a firearm, a criminal background check is a concession I can live with, but nothing more. The government doesn’t need to know anything about my medical records or who I talk on the phone to. If I can’t afford a house the government shouldn’t force banks to make loans to people that can’t afford them. There ARE lifelong renters and there’s nothing wrong with that. Unions used to protect workers from workplace abuses. Now they fund the campaigns of polititions that will keep them in power. You can keep this whole group of congressman. Wipe the slate clean and let’s start over. I’m sickened by all of them. Chili out!


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