The Beaver a serious movie

mel-gibson-jodie-foster-beaverI was lucky enough to have recently viewed Mel Gibson / Jodi Fosters “The Beaver”. The idea sounds ridiculous. A man on the brink of a complete mental breakdown / illness finds himself taken over to some extent by a beaver puppet. The beaver (himself) turns his life around only to eventually take over his life. It’s a story of one man’s fight to stay sane.

He is losing his family. A wife that can’t stand his depression any longer and kicks him out.  His oldest son hates him and post notes of similarities they have in order to be less like him. Then there is his youngest son who simply wants his father’s attention.

The film starts rather depressing and only gains in its dark descent. If you were looking for a feel good movie this probably isn’t it. It is however very good.

For all his faults Mel Gibson once again shows he knows good films and can put on a great performance. Jodi Foster should be given great credit for continuing with this project and the release with Mel having so many problems at this time.

I only wonder how much of his personal life Mel was able to channel into this character.

For me, this was a movie well worth seeing.


3 thoughts on “The Beaver a serious movie

  1. I am a little suprised you watched that kind of movie. I may try to see it .Hope all is going well with you. Be safe!!

  2. What you think I only watch action movies? I’m a pretty deep person you know.. 😉

    I was however a captured audience for this one. But I would have rented it someday.

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