Did the union lose this round

The Verizon / Union strike is a great example of how much influence the unions have lost. This was a strike that quickly turned nasty as all union activities do these days. This put the union at a negotiating disadvantage. They lost the popular support right from the beginning. The days of blind union support are gone.  The threats and violence are backfiring.  Putting their own children in danger isn’t having the effect they unions thought it would. 

The AP is reporting that after only two weeks the union workers will go back to work as negotiations continue.

Is this a win for Verizon or the union? I say Verizon won but I also think the workers who actually want to work won. The union bosses lost. While they top union brass will claim victory and say Verizon has changed its position.  The fact is they looked like thugs and again they had to give in.


9 thoughts on “Did the union lose this round

  1. This doesn’t have anything to do with the Subject , but that never stopped me before.
    Been thinking about running for President of the United States. I have no Criminal Record , I am an American Citizen and I am Old Enough. I am told I need an Exploratory Committee to see if I would get any votes. Well I know people in Colorado and Atlanta Georgia for starters. I am trying to figure out how I can drum up some campaign Money and how all that works. I was told I have NO Political Experience. Hell the way I see it that is a Good Thing. So if I am on the right TRACK let me know…..More to follow if I get a Following…..


  2. Well now, what’s your platform? Or should we expect that after the election? I support you of course. I will be expecting some sweet contracting deals once your in office though.

    You need your own blog to advance this process though. πŸ˜‰ For a small fee I could hook you up with a free site. πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰

  3. I can see right now that JB will have to be my Campaign Manager/Security Chief. JRingo my Financial Adviser ,
    T Hill would be my Entertainment Adviser and of Course Hershel Woodrow Wilson can be my Spiritual Adviser. So I have a Pretty Good Campaign Cabinet. I just need to get on the ballot.


  4. Just to add. I am reading that 87% of Americans disapprove of Congress. They Polled 1000 people and have a 4% Margin of Error. How is that? Let me see. I poll 1000 and there happen to be 350 Million or more. I would say the Percent if all were polled would be much higher.
    Just an opinion from a Future President of the United States,.


  5. Chili , Now that’s what I am talking about. True Blooded Americans wanting Change. I will Greatfully Except your’s and JB’s Guidance. The Maze is Long and Distinguished but I think we can Do it. Maybe that should be my Slogan….”I Think We Can DO IT.”


  6. As I recall there was a “change” slogan somewhere in the last election. I would steer very clear of such claims, although there has been “considerable” change but very little hope of it being ‘positive”.

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