Ask an adult

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10 thoughts on “Ask an adult

  1. I’ll follow JB’s Lead if you can confirm to me that JB did NOT follow JB Sr.’s Lead…..


  2. hmmm….and jb speaks so well of Sr…..11th, maybe all those things JB has been saying about you are true.

  3. Chili , Me and JB Sr. go way back. We used to work together back in the day. Shot some pool and even had a few beers together. JB Sr. took me out to the bars when i was 17. I said what if I get carded. He said we’ll leave. We went to several bars that night and I was Carded once. I have many a story to tell about JB Sr. and myself…..Now JB Jr. I am assuming is a bit different but then I haven’t seen the lad in many years.


  4. Not sure where this is going.

    11th, had the coolest car around growing up that I do know. Also a req room unmatched, well in our family anyway. Still remember the bar you built 11th. Do you still have that?

    I remember listening to the cassettes 11th sent back from Vietnam as a very very young child.

    One of the people that had an influence in my life.

    As to me and Sr, we are very much alike. Oh we have our differences but certainly happy to have had him as the lead.

  5. JB , Thanks for the Compliments. I remember you as being a Pretty Nice Boy when you were young and when you became a teenager. The bar you are talking about , I gave to Aunt Bonny. I now have even a Better Man Cave , Sound Proof with a Big Screen TV , Lots of Football Memorabilia and a few Beatles Posters. You would like the Mini Helmets signed by a few of the Old Raiders Like Belitnakoff , Ray Guy , Long , Stabler , and of course Blanda. I had to root for someone while my Packers took 30 years to come back.
    I know for a fact that you have made a Fine Soldier and for that I am Very Proud of you. Our Family has been in every War since WW1 that I know of. I have less than 2 years left before I retire and the first thing I will do is to come to your house for a couple of Beers and some story telling.


  6. 11th you realize my comments are tongue in cheek screwing around, right? Other than being a Raiders fan, you’re ok for a converted liberal. ( I know you’d never admit that)

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