Traveling safety…

Jeffrey Goldberg has some good advice for military and military contractors traveling in foreign lands.

Some Safety Advice…

…It became instantly obvious that this flight was going to carry a large number of Afghanistan-based American contractors and active-duty military personnel back home. It wasn’t that the soldiers were in uniform — American soldiers don’t travel in uniform on international flights, for security reasons — but they may as well have been. One small example: I was sitting, at one point, next to an American man of obvious military bearing, a real barrel-chested freedom fighter sort, who wore a polo shirt inscribed with the words, "Army Aviation Association." He was also carrying a camouflage tactical rucksack with his last name stitched on the back. He seemed like a senior-enough guy to have a Google profile, so I typed into my iPhone his last name, plus Afghanistan, plus "army aviation" and came up with his exact identity in 20 seconds. He is one of the key leaders of the military’s drone programs in Afghanistan. Now if I weren’t a patriot, but instead an anti-American jihadist, I might have seen this as an opportunity to do some damage…

…I counted, in the crowd waiting to board the flight, five different guys wearing "Dyncorp" hats or shirts; Dyncorp is one of the biggest military contractors. I saw others wearing shirts labeled "General Dynamics" and "Iomax" and still others were wearing "Bagram Air Base" t-shirts, and almost all of these men — dozens and dozens of them — were wearing khaki tactical pants, Caterpillar boots, the whole non-uniform uniform…

I’ve seen this quite often. I don’t know who started the whole 511 fashion statement but it’s not very low key. While it’s nearly impossible to not look American it is possible to not look like “Joe” on leave or the Mil Contractor. Many guys I know go the opposite route and just look like bums.  I’m not sure that’s much better but probably safer.


5 thoughts on “Traveling safety…

  1. I wasn’t in the Army long enough to take an International Flight except a Military one to Nam. You could say all my Flights during my Military Career were Charter Flights. Kinda like the President has only mine was called AH1G……..


  2. Not true. We get our occasional liberal flyby. I like nothing better than getting beat up by them……..

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