The Real Enemy again shows it’s face

Pakistan Arrests C.I.A. Informants in Bin Laden Raid

WASHINGTON — Pakistan’s top military spy agency has arrested some of the Pakistani informants who fed information to the Central Intelligence Agency in the months leading up to the raid that led to the death of Osama bin Laden, according to American officials.

Pakistan’s detention of five C.I.A. informants, including a Pakistani Army major who officials said copied the license plates of cars visiting Bin Laden’s compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan, in the weeks before the raid, is the latest evidence of the fractured relationship between the United States and Pakistan. It comes at a time when the Obama administration is seeking Pakistan’s support in brokering an endgame in the war in neighboring Afghanistan.

They aren’t even trying to hide their colors now. 


8 thoughts on “The Real Enemy again shows it’s face

  1. I hear the President is brokering a deal to move in to a recently abandoned compound in Abbottabad at the end of his term.

  2. A better question 11th is; When will we admit that we have zero friends in the middle east except Isreal?

  3. “Our party cannot be all things to all people, it can’t be. Our loudest opponents on the left are never going to be happy, so let’s stop trying to curry favor for them,” Perry said.

    So why do we do this in the Middle East?

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