Does Obama even want to win Re-election?


President Obama is like the movie star that really doesn’t like making movies but loves being a star. I’m not convinced Obama really wants to be President. Oh he likes the title and he likes the parties but he really doesn’t seem to be much into the work part.

The US economy is in serious trouble. We our spending more than is responsible as a government. I’m wondering if the problems we have are a result of a President too enamored with himself that he’s delegated the presidency to lackeys. Marxist lackeys at that. In the tradition of social Marxism they can’t count very well or don’t apparently understand what debt is? I suppose the plan is to have the government support everyone on the backs of the rich. But how long do you suppose that would last?

Then of course there is our flailing foreign policy or should that be lack of foreign policy. It seems to be a policy of appeasement to our enemies and backstabbing our allies. This is a policy with lots of teleprompter moments yet not really committing to any particular course of action. I wonder how many allies we will have by the end of this Presidency. He often seems frozen in the headlights of the world.

This reminds me, what about that War Powers Act? I sure don’t want to hear the Democrats ever complain about that law again. I suppose that should be another post on our absentee Congress.

However on the good side, the President is a hell of a golfer. Well I don’t know his scores but his persistence is admirable.

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2 thoughts on “Does Obama even want to win Re-election?

  1. It seems as though he is commiting career suicide on a daily basis. What we need to remember is that there is a long time to go. He can wait to address his shortcomings instead of having to do so on a daily basis. The piling on would begin happening right now instead of 6 months from now when maybe, just maybe he fixes all things wrong. I’m hopeful he won’t fix anything. I wouldn’t be surprised if he didn’t want to “play” President anymore. He’s not very good at it.

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