More posts to come

I’m traveling so not much time to post.  I”ll be back this coming week though.  So keep checking back.


8 thoughts on “More posts to come

  1. Chuck , I like your Style……I guess this is a good time to take over the Blog and Talk about why no one likes my PBR at my house except me. I mean hell I like the finer things in life….Pretzels , Beer , A Remote Control and on occasion and sip of some Good Cognac….Going fishing next week to try and catch some Catfish. I got this Electronic device that lights up and chirps when ever there is a fish on the line. I got a Good Chair to sit on and a cooler of PBR so Life is going to be pretty Good Next Week.


  2. All that talk about drinks,I think I’ll just light me a cigar and mix me up one.Enjoy your day stretch and chuck:). To the blog host the next one is for you.

  3. Some of us JBSR still have to work , but I will have a Drink this afternoon for all of us here at JB’s Sanctuary….Which by the way is probably less than a six pack…


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