Mike Huckabee will not run for President


I like Mike Huckabee, well to be more specific I like his FOX program. It’s has a great feel to it. He’s a warm host and often has good guests with a light but sometimes serious angle. The show is a great contrast to Bill O’Reily and Sean Hannity. Both of which at times can seem more host centric. Huckabee has a much quieter tone. Something I think is needed in today’s news commentary programs. Mike Huckabee for President is a different matter?

It would make little sense to give up the position he already has to run. He’s successful and brings some sanity to all the yelling in the pundit world. Why give that up?

While he may do well in the Republican primary polls, I don’t believe would have been the choice.

Unfortunately I’m not sold on anyone else yet.


5 thoughts on “Mike Huckabee will not run for President

  1. Ditto JB, we don’t need another milquetoast candidate. I want someone with similar views that is a little edgier. I’m not sure that Huckabee would be as in your face as is neccessary to face the public, congress and Obama in the upcoming election.

  2. Like Huckabee as well. Think he is the strongest in the Republican field.

    The only high profile good candidate in the race now is Romney.

    Chuck, we need much less in your face madness. Notice that the reason Obama won the Democratic nomination and presidency is that he came across as less divisive and partisan than most. This also happens to be Huckabee’s strenght.

  3. We have enough real enemies. Why attack fellow Americans that we happen to disagree with as enemies.

  4. I don’t see any Republican that can do the Job in my Opinion. I would say Obama will get his second term. Now after that I don’t know anyone on either side. Course it is all moot because who ever we have as President doesn’t help me out much. EXCEPT Clinton did give me a Free Grant to go back to school and Nixon let me out of the Army 150 days early. So what I’m saying is “It’s not what I can do for my Country (Already did that) It’s what they can do to Help me Now…


  5. One of my few knocks on the Bush administration was that they would allow the press and the democrats to slam them around. McCain did the same thing. The strength to stand up for yourself and your beliefs is paramount to getting the public behind you. Without that support you might as well give he keys to the whitehouse to the New York Times and their ilk. A certain sense of righteousness is neccessary to being a leader. I’m not sure that Huckabee would have presented that. Notice I said, “a little edgier”. We don’t need Donald Trump schoolyard tactics either.

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