More thoughts on the Pakistan fall out

High Noon in Pakistan..Walter Russell Mead

A very interesting read on the Pakistan situation. 

The taking of Osama was a defeat for Al Qaeda. It was a disaster for Pakistan.

The Assassination in Abbottabad was a strategic catastrophe for the military rulers of this slowly and painfully failing state. On the one hand, it leaves the reputation of Pakistan as an effective partner against fanatical terror groups in ruins. The debate in Washington and around the world now is whether the Pakistani state is in league with Al Qaeda or whether it is so weak, divided and incompetent that rogue factions within the state have escaped all control. The rich intelligence haul the US gathered in Osama’s lair will help the US learn more about Osama’s protectors in Pakistan; in the meantime it is transparently clear that whether incompetence or malfeasance is more to blame, the government of Pakistan cannot safely be trusted — by anyone, on anything.


3 thoughts on “More thoughts on the Pakistan fall out

  1. First I would say without doubt that the U.S. accomplished two things when secretly getting OSB in the middle of the night. Testing of some New Equipment and a Trial run for taking out Paks Nuclear Weapons. We all know that Paks Nukes are the biggest threat to the World. Pakistan is a corrupt little Country so no one or any organization inside Pak should be trusted. We use them just as they use our Money. Money is buying our way through pakistan and no matter what they say about the U.S. attacking their Sovernty , the Money will surely quiet them down quickly.


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