Mission to get Bin Laden a tough call?


The narrative now is that the decision to go after Bin Laden was “gutsy”, it was a tough call. Really? The Obama administration and the media are pushing this idea. So I have a couple of questions.

Is it a tough call to ok a mission that we’ve been planning for ten years? Is it a tough call to go after the key leader to the “most dangerous” organization in the world, the man who orchestrated the killing of nearly three thousand Americans? Is it a tough call to authorize a mission much like hundreds of mission that Special Ops have done all over Iraq and Afghanistan? Is it a tough call to authorize a mission that most of the world already assumed was a go if Bin Laden was found? Humm, we must have redefined the meaning of tough and gutsy.

It was a good call. Gutsy? Not really.


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2 Responses to “Mission to get Bin Laden a tough call?”

  1. Chuck Says:

    Wag the dog……..Call me a sceptic, but the only tough call he had was timing. “Is it too far from the election to carry the bounce I’ll get? Will this divert attention away from the debt cieling? Will this allow me to use the bully pulpit to get what I want?”
    I have a hard time beleving anything that this administration does is anything but political.

  2. JB Says:

    Well I think he had to make the call. Would he want the same thing said about him that they say about Clinton and letting Bin Laden get away? Not making the call would have been disastrous for his re-election campaign. I’m sure it would have gotten leaked.

    Now the handling of the information dump has been dreadful.

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