CAO MX2 Maduro 5×52

Saturday I decided I needed to try a new cigar. I haven’t smoked much during the winter season. It’s just too much of a pain to go out into the weather to light up. Saturday was a beautiful day and perfect for a nice cigar outside. So I headed to a local cigar shop to look around. Since I was only interested on a couple cigars the price was less a problem this day. Normally I’m pretty cheap and order online where I can always save money.

I found a nice little shop with a small but good selection. I decided on the CAO MX2 Maduro. I prefer a solid Maduro and the CAO looked pretty good. It’s a double wrapped Maduro with the outer wrap from Connecticut and the binder from Brazil with filler from Nicaragua, Honduras, Dominican Republic, Peru.

It’s a very dark cigar and looks very strong. The 5×52 is a bit thick for me but it looked interesting enough to try. The first couple of puffs seemed a slightly bitter but seemed to smooth out quickly. In fact the rest of the smoke was very good. It had enough flavor and bite to keep you going without overpowering your taste buds. It had an even burn and I got about forty-five minutes from this 5 inch cigar.

I enjoyed this cigar right after a six mile ruck march (ok actually a small backpack) and was a nice way to end the day. While a box cost more than I will normally pay I wouldn’t mind someone sending me one. Smile



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