From Chilihntr’s undisclosed location

I was against posting UBL’s pics until I thought about something. When they pulled the B52 down for the Vietnamese Delegation at the Air Force Academy out of sensitivity, my thought was there should be a sign in front of the B52 instead; “lest YOU forget”. I feel the same way about the UBL photos. They should be posted as a warning, pure and simple; f*&k with us we will get you…

Chilihntr Via email.


5 thoughts on “From Chilihntr’s undisclosed location

  1. Conspiracy Theories ……Already a bunch of theories are going around the News. Myself , Showing pictures of a Dead OSB would shed a bit of light on the situation because who is to believe who. I mean Hell I don’t trust our Government so why should the World believe in what is being said. The media has already been changing their stories about the where’s , what’s and why’s. Myself I would like unequivocal Proof that OSB is Dead. Not just say we got him , and shoved him over board on some American Ship.
    I was once terrorized by the FBI and wouldn’t put it passed them or the CIA to come up with this scenario. Now no one will no the Truth. Just like the American Government covered up the Kennedy Assassination.
    I say they should have Proven without a shadow of Doubt that the person they killed was OSB.


  2. Another reminder why I dislike the Air Force.

    OSB’s head should have been placed at Ground Zero with a warning sign.

  3. He’s dead. No SEAL team or any Spec ops troop I know is going to go along with a BS story for any political purposes. You can’t keep that many people quiet even if they were of a mind to, which they aren’t.

  4. The way that whole deal was done has a little smell to it. I’m not talking about killing OSB but about all this bullsh– about respect for his relegious rights. That has to grate on the 9/11 victims since they received no respect at all. Something is not as it should be.

  5. That’s because this administration outthinks itself 9 times out of 10. Not only the administration, but the left in general doesn’t get that the middle eastern muslim world wants to do nothing but eliminate us non-muslims. Short of converting to Islam nothing will change that. Until we come to terms with that and begin to act accordingly, this snapshot of useless appeasement will keep playing itself out time and time again.

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