Most news sources reporting Usama is dead.  Killed in Pakistan.  We are reported to have the body.  Very good news. 


As Joe Biden might say, this is a BFD. I’ve already heard the conspiracy theories. We will just have to hear the details. Either way it’s good news.  I can only hope this news doesn’t change.

President spoke.  US forces inside of Pakistan in fact just outside the capital killed Bin Laden.  It will be interesting how much the Pakistani government played in this.  Will this speed up or slow down our exit from Afghanistan?

The full story won’t be out for a while if ever.  But it’s still good news.

UPDATE: A U.S. official told CNN that bin Laden was buried at sea. The official said his body was handled in the Islamic tradition, but did not elaborate. 

Umm Buried at Sea?  Interesting.


3 thoughts on “USAMA BIN LADEN DEAD!!

  1. Very good news to bad it took so long . It does put Pakistan under a little presure. That should be interesting as it plays out. Good to know he is finally Dead. We need to continue taking out their leaders where ever they are.

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