Our blindside….

Richard Fernandez has a great post on the inside job.  One of the Taliban’s favorite tactics has long been the “inside attack”, in which the enemy first gains your confidence or pretends to be one of you and then attacks from within. In 2006, a Canadian Civilian-Military Cooperation (CIMIC) officer sat down to talk to … Continue reading Our blindside….

Thoughts for the memorial weekend

It doesn't take a hero to order men into battle. It takes a hero to be one of those men who goes into battle. - Norman Schwarzkopf The dead soldier's silence sings our national anthem. - Aaron Kilbourn “Do you know what a soldier is, young man? He's the chap who makes it possible for … Continue reading Thoughts for the memorial weekend

Long days.

Hey folks I was traveling this weekend so working 12 hours days to make the time up.  That hasn’t left me much time to reflect on the events of the day (week).  Some of the events like the Presidential toast in England would be just too easy to take pot shots at so I’ll just … Continue reading Long days.

Who’s side is he on?

DEBT CEILING? Obama calls for billions of dollars in aid to Egypt, Tunisia, Pakistan... OBAMA: U.S. must 'change approach' to bridge division with Muslims... Pakistan rushing weapons-grade nuke reactor... China Gives Pakistan 50 Fighter Jets... OBAMA SIDES WITH THE PALESTINIANS... Obama Wants Israel to Cede to Palestinian Demand for 1967 Border "We face a historic … Continue reading Who’s side is he on?

Fighting to win?

America as Jackie Chan Richard Fernandez of the Belmont club takes a good look at the Pakistan policy.  Are we fighting our wars to win or just to keep allies stable?  Georg Friedman’s article should be viewed also. George Friedman argues that by fighting terrorism with allies — and not just Pakistan — who are … Continue reading Fighting to win?