Donald Trump is worrisome


Why Donald Trump is a player. Thomas Sowell says it better than I could.

Read his whole article.

Trump has what so many other Republicans are so painfully lacking: the ability and the willingness to articulate arguments clearly, forcefully, and in plain English. Too many Republicans talk like the actor of whom a critic once said, “he played the king like he was afraid that someone else was going to play the ace.”

Donald Trump is not what America needs but his approach is what the Republicans need.  This is good news for President Obama but bad news for the rest of us.

7 thoughts on “Donald Trump is worrisome

  1. Trump is liking the Media Coverage but he won’t Run. The sorry part is there is no one in office right now that can do a damn thing. Obama showed us he’s just another Politician. We need a Leader and unfortunately there is no Politician to carry that weight. We need someone from the outside. Hell , Jesse Ventura won in Minnesota because the people were tired of the politics. We need someone that can Help us and not just be another politician that wants the job for the Benefits.
    By the way , I think Trump would take on the Oil situation …


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