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Nearly 500 Taliban flee in daring Afghan jailbreak

Almost 500 Taliban prisoners escaped through a tunnel in an audacious overnight jailbreak in south Afghanistan which the president’s office on Monday called a security “disaster”.

The Taliban said it was behind the operation to free the prisoners using a massive underground tunnel in its heartland of southern Kandahar, and claimed that all of those who escaped were its members, many of them senior commanders.


The daring breakout, the second from the prison in three years, threatens to undermine recent security gains claimed by foreign forces after a US troop surge, with the newly-freed insurgents once again available to wreak havoc.

What did they dig with?  How did they get the tools?  Do we not have any oversight at all?  If from outside then there are still some serious security questions.

UPDATE:Afghan prison break was inside job: Karzai office     You think? 


“One of the iconic exchanges of Vietnam came, some years after the war, between Col. Harry Summers, a military historian, and a counterpart in the North Vietnamese Army. As Summers recalled it, he said, ‘You never defeated us in the field.’ To which the NVA officer replied: ‘That may be true. It is also irrelevant.’”

You cannot spin your way to victory, you must plan to defeat the enemy.  If you can’t identify and name your enemy you may have a problem.  If your not willing to destroy your enemy you may have a problem.  If you continue to fund those that directly support your enemies you may have a problem. 

The only sign of progress I see is the increase in size of the Afghan Security Forces.  Few other numbers or information indicates progress.  When we determine progress do we base this on the last month, six months or 5 years?  This is important as progress can easily be shown or not shown month to month.  Is Afghanistan more stable today then say two years ago?  Is the Taliban smaller or larger today?

Many will argue this point.  Please point me to the numbers so I may adjust my thoughts.

Just one example of a disjointed approach is the Poppy issue.  We know the Taliban use the money from the poppy fields for funding. We  also know the local farmers need the money to survive.  We claim to support a poppy eradication program yet large obvious poppy fields exist within only a few miles from ANA and Coalition bases.  Poppy is not grown all over Afghanistan but in a relatively small area in the south.  Yet we can’t seem to stop this.–afghan-poppy-eradication-not-top-priority

Negotiations over the poppy field landing platform

Folks I’m not an Anti_war nut.  But we can’t fight a war at the same time plan a pull out.  All in or all out but make a choice. 


Negotiations over the poppy field landing platform

The Afghan War: A Survey of “Metrics”

500 Taliban escape in huge Afghan jail break

Hundreds of Taliban escape Afghan jail via tunnel..CBS News

More than 450 inmates – many of them Taliban – make underground escape from Kandahar prison..Winnipeg Free Press–afghan-poppy-eradication-not-top-priority


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