Thoughts and musings on half a century….

Well today I turn 50. A good IPA in my hand and no regrets that I can do anything about. I am so thankful of the life I have led. I have seen and done some awesome things in this last half century. I’ve seen men walk on the moon for the very first time. I saw the wall fall under the finest President I will probably ever see. I’ve loved and been loved by some pretty good women. Some better than I ever deserved. I’ve been blessed to have four amazing men that I can call friend and anytime I need that friendship they are there for me (JB, you’re one of them). The things I’ve been privileged enough to see and do in the service of the greatest nation in the world is humbling. What an honor to still put the uniform on everyday, in spite of my desire for retirement. My body keeps hanging on with a little workout from time to time. I hope to be physically active and teach my grandkids to ski well into my 70/80’s God willing. I hope to blog you about how cool it is to turn 3/4 of a century. God bless you all.


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