Air Traffic Controllers need what?

WASHINGTON — The best solution to the problem of sleepy air traffic controllers is more sleeping on the job, scientists say.

Are you F^&*%$g kidding me?

But that would be a radical change for the Federal Aviation Administration. Current regulations forbid sleeping at work, even during breaks. Controllers who are caught can be suspended or fired.

Experts say that kind of thinking is outdated.

Raising Bullshit flag… Waving hysterically…


You know in my career I’ve had to work many strange hours and shifts. Currently I work a swing shift, which I hate. But I do it and I do the best I can with it. To hear Air Traffic Controllers and their supporters say they must take naps if very irritating. I was once in a Tactical ATC unit in the military in my early days. I was not a Controller but a Radio Operator. The Controllers I worked with knew how important their jobs were to the safety of those that fly. They adjusted their schedule to fit the needs of the job. That means those on swing or graveyard didn’t get to party like the day shift. Remember these are young military personnel. That’s a big deal.

The civilian side seems to have forgotten what President Ronald Reagan emphasized, you can be replaced. It’s not that hard to do your job or your shift. Be professional and wake the F*9k up.

I don’t care if someone sleeps on a shift but someone must be manning the controls. So if you’re the only one there you better be awake.

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