Afghan catch and release

I previously wrote that we should leave Afghanistan, that staying wasn’t worth the loss of men and money.  It’s not that I don’t believe we can win (whatever that might mean), it’s that we don’t have the will to win.  Our leaders have no idea what victory is.  The enemy knows and they know how to play our moral weakness.  We are so worried about offending someone that we can’t fight. 

Afghan rules of engagement force U.S. soldiers to free insurgents caught red-handed

Several Taliban detainees who had been captured in February after being observed placing bombs in the culverts of roads used by civilians and military convoys near Kandahar were fed, given medical treatment, then released by American troops frustrated by a policy they say is forcing them to kick loose enemies who are trying to kill them.

Despite what American soldiers say was a mountain of evidence, which included a video of the men planting the bomb and chemical traces found on their hands, there was nothing the soldiers who had captured them could do but feed and care for them for 96 hours and then set them free.

In another incident, members of a unit attached to 2nd Stryker Cavalry Regiment survived an attack by a suicide bomber on their convoy when his device failed to detonate. Soldiers managed to capture the would-be martyr, but he too was released after being held for four days.

"We put our lives on the line to capture the enemy," a soldier with the Stryker regiment told The Washington Examiner. "Since my deployment, every insurgent we’ve captured has been released."


8 thoughts on “Afghan catch and release

  1. What a plan, I would not have thought of that as a winning policy. Well just one more reason I’m not running things:).

  2. Say JBSR , Chuck the other day was telling me that even though I have not played Golf in many years that I still have a pretty good chance of beating you guys on the course. I didn’t think so at first but then i thought to myself. Self , Chuck is a man of integrity and would not lie to 11th.


  3. Hello 11th, I’d say you got a better chance of beating Mike Tyson :). When we get the chance, we”ll show ya golf like you’ve never seen before:).

  4. JBSR , After I picked myself up off the floor Laughing….I decided to comment on your Golf Fantasy……..I believe I read some where that your Son in Law whooped your Butt on the Course and I also believe he said he was Army. You see as I remember , you were navy…and what ever the navy can do the Army can fix it and do it better……


  5. There ya go again,and thats where the problem lies,the army spends way to much time telling ya :)how well they can fix something that ain’t broke:).

  6. JBSR , the last time I saw you use a 7 Iron , you looked a lot like Charles Barkley…….And we shall have another game of Pool someday so I can show you how to do that……..I miss those days at the Plunge Lounge in Hayward………


  7. All I know is that when JB and I golf we need a click counter to keep track and even then once liquids start flowing, we can’t even lie our way to a good score.

  8. Chuck , I usually Pop the Top on a Beer before the first Hole (Calms the Nerves)
    and I quit keeping score after the front nine is done……We sound like a round of Golf is not difficult but Painful….


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