Busy week

I’ve been pretty busy this week and haven’t had time to post anything new for a few days.  There are a few things in the works but I just haven’t had time to flesh them out yet.  So don’t despair my four viewers.  There will be more coming. 

So with that thought here’s something for your entertainment.

Don’t see everything her way but like her enthusiasm.

Part two is on youtube. 

Hat tip: Roger’s Rules at PJTV


23 thoughts on “Busy week

  1. JB. She is an idiot. She is insulting America’s closest allies.

    Take Afghanistan. The ANA significantly outnumber the forces from the fifty some country international coalition. The ANA take significantly greater casualties than the entire fifty some nation international coalition. The ANP take greater casualties than the ANA.

    From the standpoint of the ANA, many of the international allies sit on FOBs way too much, don’t show initiative, are obsessed with force protection more than their mission, don’t truly try to embed with and understand the local population, have no institutional knowledge or history [they rotate every 4 to 15 months and don’t communicate with their predecessors], don’t seem to have the heart and determination to achieve their mission.

    Granted the ANA think more highly of the Marines in RC Southwest, the Rakkasans who just rotated out of Loya Paktia, some other elite US units, and some of the elite units from coalition members. But the large majority of ISAF do not perform nearly as well as the Marines, and the ANA from their own perspective don’t regard ISAF as stepping up.

    Much of this is misunderstanding, lack of cultural awareness and the like. Much of this is the usual tendency among global militaries to perceive themselves as superior to everyone else. But still the ANA often have a poor opinion about the quality, competence, and motivation of their ISAF counterparts.

    The ANA, even educated officers, are also deeply suspicious ISAF or parts of it are sympathetic to the enemy, or even backing the Taliban/AQ/Pakistan/Saudi Arabia against the ANSF and Afghans. This is the greatest challenge ISAF confronts in Afghanistan.

    Also take into context that over a dozen muslim nations are part of the coalition in Afghanistan.

    Now try to see how an ANA soldier perceives this idiotic speaker.

  2. ANAN, I don’t’ care how an ANA soldier perceives this person. She has the right and is right express her opinion and burn a book in this country if she so desires. Lindsey Graham IS a jackass. The idea that we should attack the basic rights of every American because of the burning of a book (legal) in some small town in America angers someone somewhere in the world is WRONG.

    Americas cloesest ally? Britian, Australia? Why would they be offended.

    I don’t care if is Muslims don’t like the burning of the Koran. It’s an insult to me that we must be “culturally sensitive” so they won’t kill innocent bystanders.

    This is part of OUR culture, freedom of speech. Civil societies are able to disagree without killing each other.

    As too the ANA respecting the Marines, well yes, and they should.

  3. Yes 215th ANA Core respect the Marines, in part because the Marines actually take the initiative and fight alongside the ANA. However ANA do talk crap about many US army units in Afghanistan. Clearly a lot of it isn’t deserved. But some of it is deserved. There are too many ISAF units, some even from the US army, who are not implementing true “embedded partnering” “combined partnership” . . . and who are not taking sufficient initiative, understanding the local population, or communicating sufficiently with the ISAF battle-space owners who have preceded them in their AO.

    When I talk about America’s close allies, I mean the ANA, and the 650 K ISF. They have actually fought shoulder to shoulder with Americans, and died in great numbers fighting our mutual enemies.

    The Iraqis hate AQ linked crazies–the guys who attacked America in 1993, 1998, 2000 and on 9/11–much more than we do, and the Iraqis have killed many of them . . . with pride. Granted the ISF don’t kill AQ for us, the ISF kill AQ because they are Iraq’s enemies.

    Ditto the NDS, ANA and ANCOP [and some pockets of the AUP.]

    My thanks go to the families of the 18,000 ISF who died fighting our mutual enemies and of the thousands of ANSF who have died fighting AQ and the Taliban.

    The contributions of the ISF and the ANSF to killing our enemies dwarfs the contribution of our British friends, not that we shouldn’t be thankful to the Brits.

    I am also thankful to the Turks who have fought shoulder to shoulder with us, and to our Kosovo/Albanian friends, and our Azerbaijan friends. [More suspicious of our Arab “friends” despite them sending thousands of troops to Afghanistan.]

    When fellow Americans attack our allies abroad, allies who have killed tens of thousands of AQ linked nutjobs, they should be called out. Whether they are lefties such as Amy Goodman, Dahr Jamail, Gore Vidal, or the young woman you linked to.

    To attack 1.5 billion muslims the way she has, including all the Sufis, Shiites, Indonesians, Malays, Indian muslims, Chinese muslims, Russian muslims, Azerbaijanis, Kurds, Turks, Albanians/Kosavars, is madness. She knows nothing about the Sufis she has attacked. Does she work for AQ, which wants to kill all the Sufis and Shiites for being heretics?

    Now I expect this from crazy leftists. Maybe she is one of them.

    I am also a long time admirer and supporter of Lindsey Graham and John McCain. And I will defend them from leftists, even if one of them is this young woman.

    She might have the right to burn the Koran, much as leftists have the right to insult Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism and all organized religions as evil; but that doesn’t make it right. She and anyone else who insults religions wholesale [any major religion] is an idiot.

    JB, understand you supporting her right to paste “kick me” . . . “I suck” . . . “I am stupid” signs all over herself. Understand you supporting her right to be stupid, to say stupid things, and to do stupid things. You can do all that while correctly calling her a stupid fool.

    Am I wrong to think this?

  4. I listen to that young lady and the only thing I saw that I didn’t really agree with was wasting good bacon:).

  5. jbr, don’t understand you.

    How can you support anyone who disses any religion as strongly as she disses Islam?

    Couldn’t imagine Jesus dissing any religion like that or approving of anyone burning the Bible, Koran, Torah, Hindu sacred texts, Buddhist sacred texts, Zorastrian sacred texts, Taoist sacred texts, Shintoist sacred texts.

    She is insulting the religion of over a million soldiers fighting shoulder to shoulder with us . . . the religion of tens of thousands of GIs.

    Islam didn’t attack America . . . Al Qaeda linked networks and Takfiris did. [In 1983 Shiite extremists also attacked America in Lebanon.]

    It is as if she is an Al Qaeda paid propagandist.

  6. What are you saying ,that the koran and Islam is the only ones that has a right to disrespect all other people and their right to be offended and angry. At least she didn’t murder anyone.Have a good day.

  7. JBSR,

    “What are you saying ,that the koran and Islam is the only ones that has a right to disrespect all other people”
    No. They don’t have the right to disrespect other people or other religions. This should be said firmly and without any apology.

    “and their right to be offended and angry.”
    They shouldn’t be angry or offended. None of us should be offended or angry when others insult us with words. If we get angry or offended, it is by our choice only and it is our fault.

    “At least she didn’t murder anyone.” True. The protestors who kill people are worse than her.

    This said, she shouldn’t burn Korans. And I would hope that all of us firmly tell her as much.

    I find her to be as offensive as leftists. She is helping the enemy.

  8. The sad truth is what she says or does or doesn’t do has no effect on what is happing with the enemy.Does it not strike you as strange that all these protests are happing all over the world at the same time and that leads to the ouestion, who is the enemy? We have a lot more pressing problems than a book burning. My last word on subject. Really have a good day

  9. jbsr, the sad truth is her comments and the comments of others like her are becoming viral in the muslim world and they are having a negative impact.

    Wish her words weren’t having an impact. 😦

    The crowds themselves are “useful idiots” being manipulated by a small few. The small few are the “enemy.”

  10. I think I have the Answer here. Anan speaks with conviction and truth. Anan also argues with everything said that Anan disagrees with. So basically What ever Convictions of Truth I express are as Equally Important to me. I think here in America it is called an OPINION. Because your opinion is different than mine doesn’t make yours right and mine Wrong. Burning the Koran pisses off Extremist because they Hate America. So hate us Who gives a shit. As far as the war being started from Al Qaida and Not Islam is True. BUT…It seems to me the Extremist have brought it to ISLAM.


  11. 11thacr, my bad for poorly expressing myself.

    “Burning the Koran pisses off Extremist because they Hate America.” We Americans greatly exaggerate our role and influence in the world. Almost everyone who is targeted by these crowds is not American. All nonmuslims, Sufis, Shiites, minority muslims and “foreign” muslims are targeted by these crowds. Sufis/Shiites/minority muslims/foreign muslims are seen as proxies for nonmuslims, and “fake” “lesser” muslims. True muslims being some extremist branch of Salafi Sunnis.

    There have been many Hindus and Shiite muslims killed in India by crazy crowds of muslims incensed by by something stupid done by an American pastor.

    Unfortunately, this lady and people like her are going viral and causing nonmuslims around the world to behave similarly stupidly. This is dangerous.

    There is a false narrative firmly believed by many Sunnis . . . that there is a global Jew lead conspiracy consisting of Hindus, Christians, Shiites, Sufis, minority muslims, Europeans, Americans, Communists, Latin Americans, Africans, Asians, Israelis, Mossad, whose sole purpose in life is to destroy the “true islam” [this means the true version of Sunni islam.]

    Young ladies like this one further exacerbate these conspiracy theories. [And yes, millions of muslims will really think she is cahoots with the Sufis, Shiites, and minority muslims.]

    These conspiracy theories cause many anti AQ and anti Takfiri Sunnis to feel they have no choice but to support AQ linked crackheads [that they hate], because otherwise all true Sunnis will be ethnically cleansed.

    11thacr, you are right that we shouldn’t be obsessed with who hates us. It is more valuable to be respected than to be liked. It is more important to do what is right than what makes us respected. If others hate us for doing what is right, that is their choice. We should respect their choice to hate us and to fight us . . . and if they attack us we should fight them to the end.

  12. Anan
    I’m going to put my two cents worth in here; my opinion on the matter is I don’t hate Islam or Muslims. I do however disagree with their way of expressing their religion. I have read the Bible and I can’t remember anywhere in it does it talk about killing innocent people because they don’t believe as you do. “But when the forbidden months (Ramadan) are past, then fight and slay the Pagans wherever ye find them, an seize them, beleaguer them, and lie in wait for them in every stratagem (of war); but if they repent, and establish regular prayers and practice regular charity, then open the way for them: for Allah is Oft-forgiving, Most Merciful.” Chapter (Surah) 9 of the Quran. The last time Christians waged war against those of other religion was in the First Crusade in 1095 which was to recapture the Holy land back from the Muslims. I am not for burning of the Quran or any other religious readings. I and many others have shed our blood and have the scars to show that give these people the right to express themselves however they see fit as long as no one is hurt, if it offends those who see it they have the right not to watch it. If the Muslims are offended by this then stand up take arms and kill the stupid people that are kill their brothers and sisters. I have fought side by side with Muslims and have watched them turn against use because their families where being threatened instead of kill the SOB’s.

  13. Just wanted to jump in today and say hello to Chuck, 11thacr, & Poncho,Hi guys. I think today a good cold beer,nice cigar, a little wandering back through the years, mixed with a few smiles and maybe even a belly laugh or two, would go a long way in soothing my wounded brow. Enjoy your day.

  14. jb , looks like you got quite a response to that posting…lol
    And dad a drink sounds good to me…but mine will be a margaritta..

  15. Ok, I AM going to hop into the water. “this lady and people like her are going viral and CAUSING non muslims……….to behave stupidly.”
    Causing? She hasn’t CAUSED anything. Do we not have personal responsibility and the ability NOT to behave stupidly? Acting stupidly is a CHOICE. Cutting somebodies head of isn’t acting STUPIDLY, it’s acting CRIMINALLY. I support her RIGHT to say or do anything that does not violate our laws, and will do it domestically or internationally. That’s why I wear the uniform. I have never heard the word “jackass” used so eloquently. JBSR your brow is far from wounded.

  16. JBsr Please have a cold one for me! tell you what I’ll buy the first round as soon as I get back and oh by the way playing Golf tommorrow JBsr fine tuning the game of trying to find my golf balls and you Chuck Amen!!!!!

  17. Poncho, I figure if you leave the golf course with at leat half the balls you came with it was a damn fine game. That’s why I take a whole bag full with me.

  18. Thanks Chuck, and Poncho gona hold ya to that beer:)I thought about going oiut and hitting a few today but it’s been pretty windy.Hell I’m like the rest of ya, I lose enough balls on a good day don’t need the wind ,some days getting home with all my clubs straight is a victory in it’s self. Look forward to our next game tho:)

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