Another victims group

Army group says there are indeed atheists in foxholes

In fact, atheists, agnostics, humanists and other assorted skeptics from the Army’s Fort Bragg have formed an organization in a pioneering effort to win recognition and ensure fair treatment for nonbelievers in the overwhelmingly Christian U.S. military.

Seriously?  Fair treatment. I’m an agnostic.  Served 24 total years.  I don’t’ recall any unfair treatment.  Well my genius wasn’t recognized properly but I don’t believe that was do to my religious beliefs. 

Wait maybe it was. Maybe I deserve some compensation.  Humm yeah that’s it…compensation. 

Sort of related:

The Cause of All Discrimination? Me.


4 thoughts on “Another victims group

  1. If you get any Reward for being a Genius , put me on the List…Cause I am the second Smartest Person you know…Besides JB Sr. …Had to include him in case he reads this…


  2. Since JBSR is not reading this that I want to retract my statement and say I am The Smartest….
    I know you guys play golf and I used to years ago but as you know it takes practice so I will pass on Playing Golf with you Cut Throats. But I will drive your Dad’s Cart so as I can give him Pointers to whoop all your Butts….


  3. Thanks for the Info Chuck. So what you’re saying is even without practice I have a Chance?
    In that Case I may have to rent a set of Clubs and show what an Old Army Cobra Mechanic can do on the course…….
    Besides drink beer……


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