So with the rebels taking a beating in Libya the Arab League joins in the chorus asking for a no fly zone. But of course the only ones that can actually do it are the western countries. France joins in, Briton is online, but the US holds out. I’m not sure holds out is correct but can’t seem to decide what to do. Then the Arab league chimes in. Yes we need the no fly zone.

The US joins.  Of course it probably wouldn’t have happened without the US. 

Well they are on board until the missiles start to fly. Now they are critical of the operations. Hummm

Arab League support for international military action against Gadhafi, which had been a key factor in U.S. involvement in the effort, waned Sunday when the group’s leader criticized the coalition airstrikes as breaking with the objective of the mission.

"What happened differs from the no-fly zone objectives," Amr Moussa told reporters after cruise missiles and B2 bombers pummeled Libya overnight. "What we want is civilians’ protection not shelling more civilians."

Did they not understand how a no fly zone is implemented? Oh I’m sure they did.

Ever felt like your being played? 

This is why you must lead and not follow…..


4 thoughts on “Suckers!

  1. I believe we should lead also. But in this case we should have stayed out of it. Let the Arabs take care of business. They use us like pawns. We need another Government. One with some back bone and at least with some Smarts.


  2. The thing is if the President would have come out and said, “hey this isn’t our fight, we will support any democratic outcome but our plate is currently full”. I believe most people would understand.

    If he would have said early on we need to militarily support the rebels in Libya and reached out to congress, people would understand.

    But to do nothing until everyone is clamoring for a decision then finally agreeing to do something that is yet to be truly defined only looks weak and indecisive. And only encourages our enemies around the world. Believe me they have all taken notice. We can be played.

  3. I think the Arabs use us to make the rest of the Arab World Hate us. It is so easy to do. Agree behind Closed Doors and then Lie when the Doors are Open.


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