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scotch and cigar

Well Friday has arrived.  For those of you who aren’t working this weekend I hope you enjoy.  I have one last cigar and a bit of highland scotch.  Unfortunately I work a swing shift tonight and it’s a bit late to smoke after work so I might have to put off the smoke till Saturday. 

Wisconsin lawmakers pass removal of many collective bargaining rights of the states employees.  Yes this is in the good column.  I’ve no problem with union in the private sector.  Ok I have some issues but I don’t think they should be illegal, however I have no such belief in public unions.  They only create inefficiency which the government already has an abundance of.  Government employees are not there to make a profit but to maintain good order with our money.  To spend it as the public deems necessary.  A union is a block to good fiscal policy which again is hard enough to achieve in government as it is. 

That’s the good news.  Bad news to follow:

Tsunami hits Japan: This wave was created by a huge earthquake off the Japanese coast.  8.9 is the figure I’m seeing.  Hundreds (maybe many more) are dead and there is lots of flooding.  Japan is probably more prepared for this type of event than most countries.  But it’s still devastating.  I can only wish the best for them and would support any help we may be able to provide as a country.

Libya:  Well since our esteemed Intelligence director James Clapper says they rebels are likely to fail I would guess any support for them is off the table.  Hell why would we support the overthrow of a dictator that personally authorized the death of many Americans and others.  Has he really worked with us enough to justify his continued reign?  I guess the administration thinks so. 

Oil prices:  While there has been a bit of a drop we still see very high prices and little the US can do.  We have trapped ourselves in regulations and denied permits.  We have created a situation where we are not depending less but rather more on foreign oil and the instability that brings.  Those that look ahead can see that electricity is not the answer as it takes a very robust power grid to support electric cars and we’ve all seen how weak our grid has become.  Ask some Texans about that.  Or hell just look at your electric bill.  While I’m all for increases in many choices for fuel that doesn’t mean we weaken our nation by not utilizing what we currently have in abundance.  Unless your agenda is something much different. 

Any and all thoughts / comments are welcome.  Unless you disagree.  Just kidding.  Hell if I only talked to those I agreed with I’d have no conversations at all.  Wait I have no…. sigh….

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One thought on “Friday post

  1. Clapper needs to go.
    We should negotiate long term support of the new rebel gov’t in Libya. Notice I said negotiate!
    This Administration’s agenda was well know well before it came into power as far as energy policy goes. Don’t look for any changes except in two years at the polls. Four to five dollar gas is for sure a reality until these fools are gone.
    I’m out of the loop for two weeks of fun in the sun and snow. No reading blogs, newspapers or watching television. Unfortunately I’m sure the world will not change for the better in that time. JB, I’ll be thinking of you as I make turns. Wish you were here. Not the same around here without you.

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