The Winningest Tiger Blood Ever

Ok since I made the Tiger Blood reference in my last post I guess I should say something about the very important Charlie Sheen issue. I mean hell it’s all over the news so it must be a really big story.

Look Charlie has been off the reservation for a long time. He’s got a pretty good record of saying silly things. But we forgive him because he’s funny as hell and does things that most of us only dream of. He has taken the Hollywood elitist mentality and ran with it. So should we really be surprised? You see Charlie is special, just ask him. He’s got Tiger Blood. He’s “winning.”

Of course if you watch his latest video, “Charlie’s Korner”, you’ll see self-destruction at its finest. Charlie is at his rambling best talking with one of his suck-up enablers. At times it’s an “Apocalypse Now” Dennis Hopper moment. That was funny in the movie, in real life, not so much.

Do I feel sorry for Charlie? Nope, he had the world at his fingertips and let it get away. But he can still afford it. Well for a while anyway.

I do however hope he recovers his senses, because “Two and a Half Men” is freaking hilarious and a national treasure.

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2 thoughts on “The Winningest Tiger Blood Ever

  1. I would have to agree, that show is hillarious..I see it often. And him being out there…well his dad is abit out there so no suprise on weird coments. Its a shame that so many that work with him are not working because of his actions!

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