Wisconsin protestors are bullying mob

The more video that comes out of Wisconsin and other liberal protests only show the pure mob mentality and hate the left has pushed for years.  It’s amazing at times to see these people and the way they froth at the mouth, looking for someone to attack.  They are mostly incoherent and simple ramble when interviewed. Even if their protest had merit they have lost any moral high ground then might have had (no they didn’t have any to begin with but still). 

Yep folk, if they don’t get their way they will “get a little bloody.”  I guess I should say they will bloody someone else they disagree with. 

Everyone that is a current teacher that could be associated with the assault on other persons during this protest should be jailed and fired.  

Seriously folks are these the people you want teaching your children?  Pure garbage. 

Remember the Air Traffic Controllers who thought they were irreplaceable?  Not quite. 

Oh and the Democrats that won’t come back for a vote, Sh*tcan them too.  Failure to perform their duty. 

It’s time the adults took back the political scene. 

Yeah I know I’m just dreaming..


4 thoughts on “Wisconsin protestors are bullying mob

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  2. I’m gleeful every time I see the ‘intellectual’ left resorting to physical violence, intimidation and hate speech. Stay calm conservatives, stay calm……”true colors are shining through”. I think that was sung by some liberal psycho……

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