Motivation, lies and more lies-Libya

So I keep hearing about Qaddafi killing his own people and that’s why we need to intervene. Well from a humanitarian viewpoint, that sounds like the thing to do. Then why is it we haven’t intervened in the Congo? China, Georgia, Iran, and any number of other countries where atrocities, genocides and such are/were taking place. Just something to think about before our President gets up there and pontificates before us tonight.

It never ends.


The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) this week released a report that said taxing people based on how many miles they drive is a possible option for raising new revenues and that these taxes could be used to offset the costs of highway maintenance at a time when federal funds are short.

The report discussed the proposal in great detail, including the development of technology that would allow total vehicle miles traveled (VMT) to be tracked, reported and taxed, as well as the pros and cons of mandating the installation of this technology in all vehicles…

…Conrad said in response that federal funds are tight, and in asking for recommendations on how to raise that money, he noted the possibility of a VMT tax as a way to solve the problem of collecting less in taxes as people move to more fuel-efficient vehicles…

Here’s and idea, quit spending.

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They’re just laughing at us folks.

Senator Claire McCaskill “DISCOVERED” that she didn’t pay the taxes.  Humm..

Any way you slice it, $287, 273 is a lot of money, especially in this economy. For one-term Senator Claire McCaskill, D-Mo., up for re-election in 2012, that’s the amount of personal property taxes she failed to pay since 2007 on a plane she and her husband, a millionaire businessman, partially owned.

"I have discovered that the…personal property taxes on the plane have not been paid," McCaskill told a small number of reporters on a conference call Monday. "There should have been a reporting to the county of the existence of this airplane…There are people I could blame for this, but I know better. As (a former) auditor, I know I should have checked for myself. I take full responsibility for the mistake."

Well no Sh*t lady.  It’s your responsibility and your fault.  But I know it was just an “oversight”.  I wish I had the opportunity to make an “oversight” like that.  Hell most of us our happy to pay our utilities. 

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Piecemeal approach to the budget


Glen Tschirgi over at CaptainsJournal has an interesting idea about the budget.

Republicans in the House need to fund the federal government in a completely upside-down manner, and they need to do this not only for 2011 but also for 2012 and, perhaps, beyond until some mechanism is put into place that can reliably shrink the federal government.   The solution is to stop funding the government with comprehensive, unitary budgets and, instead, as Ferrara alludes to as a sort of desperate measure, fund the government in piecemeal fashion with bills that fund specific government departments or activities…

…Instead, Boehner should flip the funding process on its head and abandon the comprehensive approach.  Rather than presenting one, unitary budget with spending cuts reflected in it, Boehner should present to the floor of the House a whole series of individual bills that fund only those essential functions of government that must be funded.  And the funding bills should be presented in order of political priority.

So, for example, the first funding bill to come up would be funding for Social Security for the balance of the 2011 budget year.  Let the Democrats in the Senate try to explain to the public why they are voting against Social Security.   They will cave in a heartbeat.  Just as liberal Senators, in the end, caved in on voting for military funding for the Iraq war in 2007, although they denounced the war as a lost cause and a crime against humanity, they knew that they could not face re-election having voted to deny our soldiers and marines the materiel needed in the midst of combat.  Same thing applies here.

Boehner and the majority in the House would continue to line up single funding bills in similar fashion:  for the Defense Department, for Medicare, for Veterans Affairs, for payment of interest on the national debt — there goes that favorite argument about raising the debt ceiling.

In short, this is a historic opportunity for the GOP to fund only those federal activities that are clearly necessary and Constitutionally prescribed…

Read the whole article.

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So with the rebels taking a beating in Libya the Arab League joins in the chorus asking for a no fly zone. But of course the only ones that can actually do it are the western countries. France joins in, Briton is online, but the US holds out. I’m not sure holds out is correct but can’t seem to decide what to do. Then the Arab league chimes in. Yes we need the no fly zone.

The US joins.  Of course it probably wouldn’t have happened without the US. 

Well they are on board until the missiles start to fly. Now they are critical of the operations. Hummm

Arab League support for international military action against Gadhafi, which had been a key factor in U.S. involvement in the effort, waned Sunday when the group’s leader criticized the coalition airstrikes as breaking with the objective of the mission.

"What happened differs from the no-fly zone objectives," Amr Moussa told reporters after cruise missiles and B2 bombers pummeled Libya overnight. "What we want is civilians’ protection not shelling more civilians."

Did they not understand how a no fly zone is implemented? Oh I’m sure they did.

Ever felt like your being played? 

This is why you must lead and not follow…..