Weekend was busy

I spent most of my weekend avoiding the news and will have to catch up this week.  It’s sometimes nice to not hear the noise. 

Qaddafi on the run: While still trying to stand firm and claiming he will die as a Martyr. 

"I am a fighter, a revolutionary from tents … I will die as a martyr at the end," he said. "I have not yet ordered the use of force, not yet ordered one bullet to be fired … when I do, everything will burn."

The dying as a Martyr part should probably be hastened. 

Walker taking hard line in WI: I can only hope that Gov. Walker doesn’t back down to union demands.  In what is proving to be clarity check in how Unions and Democrats do business Walker will only lose if he weakens now. 

American Highjackers killed off coast of OMAN: This is sad but points out two major problems.  One is how the world is dealing with these Pirates.  This problem is not new folks.  It was big issue in our history.  We decided on action then. 

The other point is that I have to question why people are still sailing in these waters with this being a pretty obvious problem.  I don’t think it’s like the hikers in Iraq/Iran, but I’d still stay away from the area as a tourist.

Gas Prices climbing higher: If I believed in conspiracies….. Actually because of numerous options we failed to take this will hit us all.  It’s not about green fuel, which doesn’t actually exist in any economically useable form yet, but rather our foreign policy and our domestic politics that have left us vulnerable. 

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14 thoughts on “Weekend was busy

  1. It’s a Quiet Whine Chilli………Besides , who else around here gonna keep you on your Toes…By the way , should have some real Maple Syrup by the weekend and what better time to try it out since they say SNOW in the Bay Area…
    And Chilli , The TEAM Thanks You……


  2. Brad I’m not sure this IS a blog anymore. Now it’s just a place to complain and trade booze receipies. Not that any of that is a bad thing. 😉

  3. This is a Strange Crowd JB….( Reminds me of the Group I hung around in Nam)We need to keep the recipes going….I can’t wait to try the Maple Syrup , Cognac thing….


  4. 11th, you obviously don’t know me. Ask JB how politically correct I am. Now, moving on….Pirates off the Somali coast. In the early 1800’s we had a little problem with pirates and hostages and ransoms. Much was solved by the Navy and the Marine Corps. Enough is ENOUGH. Somolia has no official government, no laws, no law enforcement. I call for an invasion to wipe these pirates off the map once and for all. ANY boat further than one mile from shore should be sunk, period. How’s that for politically correct, 11th?

  5. ….and what IS this administration’s response going to be over the murders of our four citizens? I’ll bet absolutely nothing. What a bunch of cowards……I am ashamed to be represented by such a group. Where is the Ronald Reagan of this generation of politicians? If wasn’t so ugly, I’d run for office!

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