What about the children

Teachers in Wisconsin are upset.  Seems the Governor wants to adjust the rules on collective bargaining for Teachers.  In response many teachers called in sick.  But I say, what about the children?  Don’t those teachers care about their students?  How can they just walk out like that?  Winking smile

Plus here is a link to the results of a teachers protest.  From Ann Althouse. 


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4 thoughts on “What about the children

  1. I’m all for unions. I would like to explore unions for the military. Merit is highly overrated. MONEY, MONEY AND MORE MONEY, and it should be YOUR MONEY. You should have no say as to how YOUR MONEY should be spent. Those 24 hour ops are way outside of work enviroment that I should have to adhere to. Where’s my shop steward? MRE’s? Cruel and inhuman! SCREW THE UNIONS! Let me be clear; SCREW THE UNIONS!

  2. I’ll try to be more explicit next time. Oh, and that whole COC chiming in thing? Sir, haven’t you done enough????? Propping up unions has got the country where? Other than helping you get elected, what have the unions contributed that at this point in our society with it’s labor laws and regulations, we couldn’t produce with out them? The reasons for unions in the early 20th century for sure had a purpose. Those same reasons no longer exist and there are laws and regulations on the books that address those earlier abuses. Should a high school grad in detroit make $40-75/hour? That’s absurd. Do people really wonder about the reasons that corporations go overseas? I’m certainly not that stupid, and I don’t consider my fellow American to be either. There has been an awakening finally in this country and the quiet, common sense conservative is finally raising their voices to the stupidity and abuses of the left. Viva la revolution!

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