Smart Diplomacy

bowingThe Tyrants Lunge

…Foreign Policy: Amid President Obama’s vow to enact "smart diplomacy" and to raise U.S. stature overseas, it’s never been more dangerous to be an American abroad. From Tehran to Havana, tyrants are taking U.S. hostages…

…It may be because Obama’s "smart diplomacy" amounts to shunning friends, appeasing tyrants, deferring to international law and imagining America as no more special than any other nation. Fact is, Americans are being singled out because rogue regimes are confident that they have nothing to fear from us any longer… goes on to point out various assault on US citizens around the globe.  The fact is, we have lost more influence than we can really afford to.  But that’s Hope and Change for ya.  You know the promise the through smart diplomacy the world would respect us and look once again to the US as a beacon.  Yeah, not so much..

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