Glenn Beck’s credibility

I’ve been reading quite a bit lately about the “lies” that Glenn Beck has been spreading both on his TV show on Fox and his radio show. There have been calls by the thinly disguised left to fire him over his rhetoric.
Well…I’m not a huge Beck fan. Just not my style of entertainment or the way I get my facts. What I will say about him is this; he more thoroughly researches his facts from what I can see then any of the fools that personally attack him. His detractors have yet to prove to me that anything he says or writes is false. I’m afraid it’s hitting a little too close to home for some of the libs/progressives. Believe me if anything he came forth with was false, it would be jumped on like a June bug by a large mouth bass. Are his conspiracy theories a little out there? Yup, but how many of them have actually come to fruition? Enough that when I do hear some of them I sit up and actually ponder his musings. Have an open mind. Oh wouldn’t that almost be the definition of what somebody who claims to be a liberal is???
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4 thoughts on “Glenn Beck’s credibility

  1. Question Israel with boldness.
    Question 9/11 with boldness.
    Speak without fear.
    Hold to the truth.
    ~ Glenn Beck

  2. Can’t find any fault with that quote. There are any number of countries that the first sentence needs to apply to as well. I would add quite a bit to it as well. Namely triple check anything you put out as a fact.

  3. Becks not my thing either but I too haven’t found anything actually false he’s put out. I guess it’s wrong to question or point out what the radical left has been saying for years. Finally people are starting to push back to their BS hypocrisy. Liberalism is that last thing todays left believe in.

    Are we really facing a progressive revolution? Well I think they are trying but no I don’t see success for them at this time.

    Don’t misunderstand, the GOP has on whole has been a bunch of cowards. I can only hope the new bunch will stand by at least of bit of what they say. We’ll see.

  4. I will say it’s a small minority trying to push the progressive agenda, but in this country, the squeaky wheel gets the grease. When you’re propped up by the media, that’s a lot of grease…..

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