Intelligence Failure on Egypt?

Have you ever read an intelligence report?  They can be quiet…umm..un-informing sometimes.  But I don’t know what the CIA knew or what they told the Administration so I just find this all kind of interesting.

I added the short bio of Ms. Stephanie O’Sullivan just for oh I don’t know the question of what qualifications you need to move up in the CIA.  Not that she isn’t, I  just noted you don’t see the old Cold War types anymore.  You know the Case Officers with years in the field.  It doesn’t seem like they are moving as fast as the other types.  Of Course I don’t work for the CIA and maybe missing a lot.  Again just interesting. 

Senators question intelligence agencies’ anticipation of Egypt uprising

…A senior CIA official testifying at the hearing defended the intelligence community’s performance, saying that the nation’s spy services had warned the Obama administration late last year that Egypt’s government could fall.

“We warned of instability,” said Stephanie O’Sullivan, who has been nominated to become the nation’s No. 2 intelligence official. The hearing was on her nomination to be principal deputy director of the Office of Director of National Intelligence. But, she added, “we didn’t know what the triggering mechanism would be.”

The pointed exchanges suggest emerging tensions within the administration and on Capitol Hill over the United States’ handling of the turmoil in Egypt and specifically about whether U.S. spy agencies were slow to recognize the threat.

O’Sullivan deflected persistent questions from senators attempting to pin down precisely when Obama was told that budding street protests in Cairo had the potential to topple Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak…

Stephanie O’Sullivan

Associate Deputy Director, Central Intelligence Agency

Ms. Stephanie O’Sullivan became the Associate Deputy Director of the Central Intelligence Agency in December 2009. She works with the Director and Deputy Director in the overall leadership of the Agency, with emphasis on day-to-day management of the organization.

Prior to becoming ADD/CIA, Ms. O’Sullivan for four years led the Directorate of Science and Technology—the part of the Agency responsible for developing and deploying innovative technology in support of intelligence collection and analysis. Earlier in her career, she held various management positions in the DS&T, where her responsibilities included systems acquisition and research and development in fields ranging from power sources to biotechnology.

Ms. O’Sullivan joined the CIA in 1995 after working for the Office of Naval Intelligence and TRW. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in civil engineering from the Missouri School of Mines.



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