Global Warming advocates are scary

Global warming (GW) advocates are scary. Really they are. There seem to be two primary types of GW advocates, the earnest heart felt believer whose naiveté is alarming. They seemed to believe without question. Even when faced with contradictory evidence by their saviors they never falter. They are extremists. In their world there is only total acceptance or you’re a heretic. The other is a profiteer bent on using the idea of GW crises to further their personal gains. I personally believe this is where Al Gore falls. They will incite and stir the fears of worldwide disaster as they invest in the so called rescue. They are waiting for the above-mentioned believers to stampede to the church of GW praying for salvation.


The GW crowd has decided that everything that happens is now GW. If it’s hot one summer it’s due to GW, if it snows like this winter and is very cold well that is also due to GW. Once they talked about massive droughts and long summers but they’ve been forced to modify that approach. Now ordinary weather is the result of GW. Very convenient isn’t it?

So how do they get away with this? We’ll for one the media has helped promote this cause. Not with fact checking and putting out all views of the issue but with very pro-GW articles. In fact the cause of GW is often stated and known facts now. Of course this really isn’t the case or at least the man-made side of the issue.

Then the latest change to the narrative is that they stopped calling it Global Warming for the more easily adaptable Climate Change. I mean, how can you argue with Climate Change? The climate is and has always been changing.

Climate changers (GW Advocates) are scary because they are on a crusade and if you are in their path you are evil and must be stopped. All evidence to the contrary be damned.  All civil discussion and dissent isn’t allowed it’s too important.  Humm I’m sure it’s also for the Children.

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