Friday input needed.

It’s been a bit busy for me so posts are slow right now and yet there are lots of things going on in the world that are worth commenting on. This weekend I hope to make some of those comments. But as its Friday I’m just going to through some items out there and anyone who may want to put their two cents in are welcome.

Subject 1: Upheaval in Tunisia, protest in Egypt, and Yemen, good or bad? Is Democracy on the rise or a much more sinister event?

Subject 2: Rahm Emmanuel is back on the ballot in Chicago. Should working for a Presidential administration be considered National Service as the military is?

Subject 3: Could the continued Ethanol production seriously affect food supplies and prices?

Just some items I’m thinking about.


4 thoughts on “Friday input needed.

  1. Issues? All I’m worried about right now is what wax to use in Italy for a 40 degree fahrenheit day!
    Egypt-democracy rearing its ugly head before their ready for it.
    Ethanol-fine as long as we cut all other farm subsidies
    Rahm E-Never an intent to leave, and yes it’s Government service.
    Tunisa-I’ll have to get back to you on that.
    Same with Yemen.
    Have an awesome Friday.

  2. Yellow Wax seems to work fine in 40′ weather…..
    Egypt , Same as Chuck.
    Rahm , Nice Guy….
    Ethanol , Never did like the idea since it is not going to bring down Oil Prices.
    Tunisa…Finally the People are speaking out.
    Yeman , Terrorist Capitol of the World….


  3. Rahm a nice guy? Really? He is a viscious little terrier that would rip your throat out to get what he wants. Red base with a little purple ironed in on top of it. Cork it, brush it and try to keep up with it!

  4. Egypt is really protesting so many things. Comes down to it money makes the world go round. If you can’t afford to feed your family, bad things will happen on a personal or country wide level. I’m personally hoping for the DOW to tank. I’ve got my money parked. I pulled it out about two months ago thinking we had seen the high. Damn! I would have had a really nice profit instead of watching from the sidelines…….

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