At days end

Got home today and felt pretty good but a little cold.  So I got some food warmed up and made a small drink then put on some Marshall Tucker (“Cant you see”) and all is well.  For a while anyway. Winking smile

Update: George Thorogood “I drink alone”….

“Fire on the mountain”


6 thoughts on “At days end

  1. Sounds pretty good to me…May do the same thing on my End…tho it is not as cold here……Do you still play Guitar JB?


  2. Well of course I do. Hell ask Chuck or Chili. They tell ya. I’ve got a guitar here that has been played in Afghanistan, Iraq and a lot around the old unit office.

    Now that’s not saying I play it well but I do play. 😉

  3. I guess I will need to bring one of mine with me on the Colo. Trip. Singing????Chili , Tell me straight now…He sing pretty Good???Cause he comes from a long line of Tone Deaf Relatives…


    I also Played in Nam, Couldn’t find a six string over there so I got a twelve string. I wasn’t the only player also.
    Chuck , Does this Lad have any Talent?

  4. I have spent many a night after work in the office with JB, listening to him play while we wound down from the day. Wish I could play like that!

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