Aging Gracefully

Jb and I have known and worked with each other for quite a few years. As somewhat older soldiers, we have always worried about staying in shape. When you’re surrounded by 20 somethings and you’re pushing the 40 something envelope like we are you worry about such things.
I took a physical fitness test the other day. I maxed my push ups, maxed my sit-ups and well maybe didn’t exactly max my run, but still passed. I immediately vowed to start working on my cardio.
Wait a minute! I’m going to be 50 years old for heavens sake! I look around me at my civilian peers and what do I see. I can tell you I can see my toes, which is more than my peers can do for the most part. I can do everything I wish to in life physically. Do I do it as fast? Nope, not even close. I watch my dad at 75 still playing in two softball leagues, bowling three nights a week, and I can think of no better reason to keep keepin on. I want to be the one to teach my grandkids to ski, not look at pictures or videos of the event. Age Gracefully? Screw that. I rather go by: I will not go softly into the night. Neither should you. Stay hard.
Chili Out.


5 thoughts on “Aging Gracefully

  1. I just turned 60 Chili and I can still see my Toes and I’m not in the best shape but I can still do everything I used to do when I was 30 (Slower of course). I have a Sit down job now that doesn’t do me any justice but I do work a lot in the summer. Seems that one of my kids is always wanting Dad to help them build something. I was a carpenter for 15 years so I built a Deck with a cover on it last summer for one of my Boys. Been Remodeling my house for about three years now so I am some what Active. The main thing is that I feel Good and you are only as Old as you feel. I ask my Mother in law when she was 80 how it felt to be 80. She was in excellent health and said she felt like she was in her 30’s. So I am with you on Aging Gracefully. I want to be as active as I can to the End. By the way , I went to the Range the other day and shot a 308 at a hundred yards and put to sets of five in the Bull that you could cover with a Dime. Not bad for an Old man….


  2. Well I’ve aged ten years in the past decade. And no kidding my hair will be all grey but the time I’m 50 at this rate. But I also see my toes, when they’re on the ottoman.

    Hell I’m going to have another beer and tell stories about what I used to do.

  3. Yeah, JB, you’ve been talking about the porch, coffee and the rocking chair for the last ten years. Don’t get to comfy, you never know when you’re going to have to run away from some dive-bombing owls…Jb, that cousin of yours sounds like he can shoot. I know he says he was in the Army, but that sounds like Marine Corps shootin…

  4. That’s hillbilly backyard uncle training there. Granted a few of those uncles were Marines. Even a Navy guy. They could shoot though.

  5. “hillbilly backyard uncle training ” That is the best it gets when you need Expert Training in the ART of Survival. When they were teaching me how to shoot, the rules were like this. My Grandpa gave them one bullet and expected them to come back with some form of food. Most if not all shot Expert in the Military as I did from their Training. (Not sure how the navy Guys did) I know one sailor that tried to teach me how to shoot Pool….Wasn’t any survival needed except the loser bought the Beer…


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