One reason our debt is so high


Art Horn a meteorologist writing at Pajama media gives us just one reason are national debt keeps growing.  The amount of money spent on unnecessary items is amazing.  Climate Change research (was global warming) is just one example.  Go over and read the whole article to see the magnitude of just one issue.  Of course this one issue if cut wouldn’t change the debt much but how many other items like this make it to the budget?  Many will be tucked into a larger departments budget request.


How Much of Your Money Wasted on ‘Climate Change’? Try $10.6 Million a Day

…Here is what the federal government thinks is happening with the Earth’s climate due to the burning of fossil fuels — the following quote is from chapter 15 of the Advancement of Science’s 2011 budget request:

Past scientific research demonstrates that the Earth’s climate is changing, that humans are very likely responsible for most of the well-documented increase in global average surface temperatures over the last half century, and that further greenhouse gas emissions, particularly of carbon dioxide from the burning of fossil fuels, will almost certainly contribute to additional widespread climate disruption. This climate disruption poses considerable risk to society because it can be expected to cause major negative consequences for most nations and to a wide range of species.

The first sentence is obvious: of course the Earth’s climate is changing; it always has and always will no matter what we do.

The next statement — “humans are very likely responsible for most of the well-documented increase in global average surface temperatures over the last half century” — is speculation. The statement completely ignores any natural variability in the climate. Apparently all of nature’s power to regulate the Earth’s temperature, which has been going on for millions of years, stopped 50 years ago, and now carbon dioxide is the principal driver of the climate. This is political and social advocacy, not science…

If you want to know where to save money in the budget, cut the vast sums of redundant funding headed to redundant federal agencies doing redundant climate change research. Four billion dollars to study climate change — and that’s just for this year!

Check the American Association for the Advancement of Science’s 2011 budget request, and go to chapter 15: Climate Change in the FY 2011 Budget. The numbers are staggering. In 2011, your government will spend $10.6 million a day to study, combat, and educate about climate change.

The big winner in the climate change money train is the National Science Foundation — they are requesting $1.616 billion. They want $766 million for the Science, Engineering and Education for Sustainability program, a 15.9% increase from their last budget. They also need another $370 million for the U.S. Global Change Research Program (USGCRP), an increase of 16%. They say they also need another $480 million for Atmospheric Sciences, an increase of 8.1%, and Earth Sciences, up 8.7%.

Oh, and $955 million for the Geosciences Directorate, an increase of 7.4%


One thought on “One reason our debt is so high

  1. If this money is being spent here in the US , then it is creating jobs and that’s what we need. I remember when NASA took off and the people said why is the Government wasting our tax payers dollars for Space Exploration. Well it created Jobs and kept money here in the US. I am not going to argue about Global Warming because I am Not a Scientist but in my Opinion I think most of it is just a Bunch of Bull.


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