High Art Strikes Again

More brilliant art on display. German artist Marcel Walldorf created a sculpture of a German policewomen squatting and urinating. What a great concept for art. One wonders what the hell artist today are thinking. I know there are thousands of talented “real” artist out there but the fact is, if their art isn’t pissing, so to speak on society it’s not considered high art. Only offensive garbage seems to pay well. At least for a little while.



At Breitbart

A prize-winning lifelike sculpture of a squatting policewoman urinating has whipped up a storm of protest in Germany, where it went on prominent display last week.

The work entitled "Petra" by 27-year-old German sculptor Marcel Walldorf is made of silicone and metal and has pitted public officials against art world aficionados in the debate over what is acceptable in the name of high culture.

It depicts a young female police officer in full riot gear crouching to pee, with exposed buttocks and a small gelatin "puddle" affixed to the floor of the gallery at the Academy of Fine Arts in Dresden, eastern Germany.

The work entitled "Petra" was completed one year ago and has captured a 1,000-euro (1,328-dollar) prize by the prestigious Leinemann Foundation for fine arts.

It shows very well the difference between the public sphere and the private sphere," the jury said. But Saxony interior minister Markus Ulbig, who is responsible for the state’s security services, told the German press he was "shocked" by the sculpture, which he branded "an insult to police officers."

I don’t know if it’s an insult to police but it’s stupid.


9 thoughts on “High Art Strikes Again

  1. I dont’ know if it shows that contempt as Germans tend to be pretty law abiding minus the ritual protest. Outsiders are usually at the heart of serious trouble.

    I think it reflects more on the elitist attitudes of the art world who continually look for forces of the”man” to rally against in thier quest for government funding. Wait that doesn’t make sense.. aha yet it exists. humm

  2. The socialist rebound in Europe after WWII and the put their heads in the sand mentality all contribute to the smallest minorities getting what they want, whether its artist’s or the muslim communities. I do believe there is an anti-gov’t mentality in Europe. Specifically military/law enforcement. Now I didn’t live through the war that ravaged the continent, but I can understand the feeling of wanting to distance yourself from all things military/paramilitary. Only to the point where it makes sense though. The Japanese did not lose sight of what they needed to do to become great again. They never lost their sense of Nationalism. It’s almost as though Europeans equate too much Nationalism with militarism that got them into trouble in the first half of the 20th century.

  3. 11th thanks for the perspective. JB and Chili are way too deep. Let’s go drink a cheap beer and examine this a little more closely. Does she have a nic ass? Would you feel comfortable with her doing this next to you/on you? If so, I’m guessing Pearl in a can and that girl that we all talked about in high school is OK with you (me too). All in all as long as tax dollars don’t support this, let 11th and I have our fantasies, JB!!!!!!!!!!

  4. A Tingle at my Age is a Godsend……A few Cheap Beers and I think she would look pretty Nice…..What’s the Difference between a Sculpture and a Playboy Magazine?


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