Enough Already!!!!

What the news agencies and blogosphere is tapdancing around is the Memorial Service. If anybody, and I mean ANYBODY thinks that the Memorial was anything more than a whistlestop for the administration, they are as certifiable as the shooter. The President had absolutely no choice but to give the speech he gave. It was a make or break moment for administration. With declining numbers and a loss of independant voters, the administration did not just need a base hit. They needed a home run. It was no coincidence that Holder and Nepalitano were speakers and they were relegated to nothing of their own words, but bible verses. At a time when the country and the right have been calling for Holder’s head and Nepolitano’s nothing more than a boob with imigration, they were also in need of a pick me up.
Was it a good speech? Best ever from a great orator. Was he remorseful and solemn about the situation? You bet. Was there an ulterior motive to the speech? ABSOLUTELY!!!! Conservatives up to and including myself should make this a non-issue and QUIT talking/writing about it. This was all about gettting some of the lost independant voters back. Pure and Simple. I gaurantee that Reagan, Clinton or Bush Jr. had no ulterior motives in their great memorial speeches. This President and his staff are a piece of work. Don’t for a minute think the President has moved his ideology one iota back towards the center. I’ll bet dollars to doughnuts that he’d sell us down the socialist/communist highway in a NY minute if he could get the votes on any issue. Nuff said. Chilihntr OUT!


5 thoughts on “Enough Already!!!!

  1. I didn’t even watch it. It was SOP. President has to do these things. Forum seemed bad based on news reports but no big mistakes I heard of. It is telling that we all look for mistakes instead of inspiration.

  2. I read the first line of this Article and could tell it was Chilli….Two Words for ya Chilli….Anger Management…..JB is right , it is the responsibility of the President of the UNITED STATES , which I think means that HE is YOUR PRESIDENT too ,to give condolences to the families of this horrific event. We all know how the Media Plays on these type of things. It’s not always Politics when it come time to grieve over such killings in a Democratic Country.


  3. Oh 11th…..oh 11th if you could only be here to sip a VSOP Brandy with me and discuss this post…..I have no anger at all. I made a bet with my father that our POTUS would do exactly what he did. There’s a shallow branch of the conservative and independant voters side that sees everything through rose colored glasses(and apparently you too!) I acknowledge that he is my President, but I also recognize reality. Something the left (and apparently you too) fail to recognize. I acknowledged that he felt remorseful and solemn about the occasion. No problem there 11th. What I question I have is the motivation. Why Holder and Napolitano? Why didn’t he settle the crowd down with one “Please!”? Everything about this adminstration is transparent except for the bills that the left sponsor. 11th, I’m going out on a limb because I don’t have to worry about ratings or have sponsors to answer to. This was pure politics mixed with “the right thing to do”. Love ya like we all love our crazy old uncles, but I got ta say, “you’re way off base!”

  4. Point Taken Chuck…And someday I will sit down with you and JB and Chilli and have a few Cocktails. I would rather not talk Politics though , Maybe Military , Women or the weather. I know a lot about all those subjects. Politics tend to be opinionated subjects alot like Religion. There doesn’t seem to be a Black or White answer anywhere near by. And Chuck , I am Honored to be your Adopted Crazy Uncle…..


  5. 11th, what I try to do with politics is to come at everything from a factual or historical basis. That takes the subjective, emotional argument out of it. I don’t try to create a false class warfare argument that this administration and the Unions have time after time tried to do to get their legislation through. So there are black and white answers. You just have to do a little digging. For example; a country, state, county has never taxed or spent itself out of debt. Prove me wrong…….first 5 beers are on me buddy.

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