So, will Hillary throw her hat in the ring?

What are the odds that the ever-present Clinton political machine is in the start up stages for a 2012 run? I’m about 50-50 on it. While a weak president might seem like an easy pick off, I only know of one president that ran in recent memory that wasn’t re-elected. The infamous Jimmy Carter. If she waited until 2016 she’d be almost assured of a nomination. I’m not sure she could stand two consecutive defeats and still have a chance in 2016. It really depends on two things; MONEY(which they’ve never had a problem with) and secondly, what kind of dirt do they have on this administration/president. I don’t believe they’d go into a 2012 fight unarmed. The 2012 GOP field is pretty weak right now. No Marco Rubios, Jeb Bushes or Christies this time around. I feel they’ll all be strong contenders in 2016 and might give her a run for the money. So…I guess I’ll throw a dollar down and predict sometime between August and October Hillary will resign, siting differences in “vision” or some such nonsense. Even though she’s vowed not to run, she’ll be “compelled” to at the urging of the people for the “good” of the country. Just my two cents…Chilihntr out!


9 thoughts on “So, will Hillary throw her hat in the ring?

  1. Good Article Chilli…And your Bio says you are a Former Marine…Now I have a few marines in my Family and there is no such thing as a Former marine. Once a marine ALWAYS a Marine……..


  2. I’ve always made the distinction between former and ex. Ex being the turds that were tossed out. Even today I still think of myself as more of a Marine than a Soldier. Army’s gain I guess.

  3. Hillary won’t run. It would be percieved as disloyalty and it would be disloyalty. Hillary “IS” Obama’s foreign policy. She can’t run against herself.

    What aspect of Obama’s domestic policy can Hillary run against? Obama has followed Hillary’s and Bill’s advise for the most part. Including on health care, and now on the tax cut deal with the Republicans.

    This is much ado about nothing.

  4. Actually I believe the perception out here in the hinterlands is that Hillary has been put into a conveniant little box by Obama and has been insulated from the political process. If she would leave, siting almost any reason, I don’t see the “disloyalty”. Anyways, I like to stimulate a little discussion and let’s see where it takes us. Anan, thanks for your input.

  5. Howdy Chuck , Missed ya Ole Buddy…You seem to be my Only Friend around here…JB and Chilli Gang up on ya. Anyway back to the Topic of Discussion….I liked mine Better….. I think Obama Kicks Biden to the Curb and brings in Hillary as Vice……That works for me…
    Or we could have palin and then I could go out and Buy some Automatic Weapons……


  6. 11th, I think you have a good scenariao. It would relieve the administration of a liability. It would strengthen the ticket and ensure Hillary the democratic nod in 2016. It will be interesting to see if the President is willing to let a political adversary get that close to him though. The only thing that might not work for Hillary is the stronger Republican field in 2016 vs. the field in 2012. Good post 11th.

  7. chilihntr, I didn’t like Hillary back in 1991. But gradually I dislike her less and less. She is tough as nails, and about the toughest American leader we have on foreign policy. She is exactly the face of doom we should want AQ and their friends to see.

    She also seems to be getting more pragmatic on domestic policy, simplifying/reducing regulation, controlling federal spending. In my view Hillary believes in smaller government than many republicans, including Pres GW Bush.

    I wouldn’t go as far as saying I like her [can’t help but liking Bill Clinton and GW Bush on a personal level], but I don’t think America would be in bad hands with her at the helm.

  8. Anan, as a devoted conservative, I would oppose a Hillary Clinton presidency. I’ve seen nothing that would suggest she would shrink government. She voted for stimulus packages when a congressman and supported Government run health care. Neither of these things “shrink” government. I guess given the choice of a coffee shop intellectual communist or her, I would certainly choose her. If we had a balanced congress much like a current one with her at the helm, I think she could be effective. I would prefer never to see an out of balanced Government like we have had for the first two years of the Bush administration or the last two years. I believe a supermajority including the Presidency leads to a total lack of focus and arrogance within the parties, and a lack of cooperation which brings balance and a modicum of commen sense when legislating.

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