Steven Pressfield’s “it’s the tribes stupid”


An interesting video series, take a look.

It’s the Tribes Stupid

This five-part series is about war in Afghanistan, ancient and modern. Each video is five minutes long. I’m not doing this for money. I have no political axe to grind. I’m a Marine and I don’t want young Marines and soldiers going into harm’s way without the full mental arsenal of history and cultural context.

What’s my thesis? That understanding tribes and tribalism is critical for the U.S. in Afghanistan. The tribal mind-set (warrior pride, hostility to all outsiders, perpetual warfare, the obligation of revenge, suppression of women, a code of honor rather than a system of laws, extreme conservatism, unity with the land, patience and capacity for hatred) permeates everything in Afghanistan and its neighboring Islamic republics. For war-making or peace-making, it cannot be ignored.

Think of these videos as a crash course in tribalism. Start with Episode 1. I invite discussion. Tell me I’m crazy, tell me I’m out to lunch. If you agree, tell me too.

-Steven Pressfield

One thought on “Steven Pressfield’s “it’s the tribes stupid”

  1. Very Interesting videos. The tribes have a real fear of western ways and rightfully so,look at what its done to this country, and the really sad part is that we’re not done self destructing yet.

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