Tax cuts?!!!

What tax cuts are the democrats talking about? The only thing I see in the new tax bill is a tax hike. 35% increase on estates that are worth $5 million or more. That’s the third tax on those estates! Why would anyone believe that they have a right to someone elses money outside of funding infrastructure? Why should anyone bear my share of the burden? Why would I stifle the very people that create the jobs? Notice I didn’t say the “class” that creates the jobs? The democratic party wants to have a class war and use it time and time again. EVERYONE has the right to aspire to whatever income level they desire. I can’t believe that they actually think we’re stupid enough to fall for class warfare and buzzwords. Every week it’s a new one; ‘extreme’, ‘hostage’ etc. Get a new playbook. Or better yet start listening to the people that put you in office.

Chilihntr out!


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