“RED” Movie review


RED (Retired and extremely dangerous.

A CIA agent is tasked with hunting down and killing a small group of retired CIA agents. Bruce Willis is one of the retired. With help from Morgan Freeman, Helen Mirren, John Malkovich, and Mary-Louise Parker they must find out why they are begin hunted. Ok that’s the setup. The movie itself is just fun. No it’s not a serious depiction of the CIA or anything else; it’s just an action comedy and a pretty good one.

One of the themes I like about Bruce Willis movies is that they don’t take themselves too serious. Let’s face it most of his movies won’t garner an academy award, yet they will make money and you won’t feel like you got cheated at the theater. Well, that is if you didn’t buy any food there. Damn that is expensive. No, I don’t buy anything at a movie concession stands. That may be a subject for a whole posting one day.

RED reminded me of the Sly Stallone film the Expendables in that the older guys are showing the new actors it’s ok to have fun and make fun films. Granted, this was a better movie than the Expendables. These are bankable actors. Every film is not a blockbuster but everyone they are in is fun to watch

So if you’re going to kill a few hours, watching this movie isn’t a bad way to do it.


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