Is the President ever home?


BAGRAM AIR FIELD, Afghanistan — President Barack Obama slipped unannounced into dangerous Afghanistan on Friday, one year after widening an ever deadlier war and just days before a pivotal review about the 9-year-plus conflict. Plans for a face-to-face meeting with Afghan President Hamid Karzai were scrapped at the last minute.

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WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Employment barely grew in November and the jobless rate unexpectedly hit a seven-month high, hardening views the Federal Reserve would stick to its $600 billion plan to shore up the fragile recovery.

I’m all for Presidents visiting the troops but I have to wonder when exactly this President will be in his office doing some work.  Just wondering.  Yes I know Air Force One has all he needs but it sure seems he’s traveling a lot.  Of course with the current economic numbers coming out today and unemployment at 9.8% it might be a little more enjoyable in Bagram.   

Oh and he’s not even meeting the Afghanistan President.  The excuse, rough weather.  Wow. 

I’ll have more to come on Afghanistan and Wilileaks soon. 

Afghan trip: Obama visits troops, phones Karzai (The

Jobless Rate Jumps (altogether now) ‘Unexpectedly’ (


4 Responses to “Is the President ever home?”

  1. anan Says:

    The most important roles of the President are to protect the American people, represent America to the world, and to be a good example to the American people.

    The President should generally establish a decent environment for the American private sector to flourish, for Americans and their state governments to solve their own problems, and otherwise try to stay out of their way.

    In fact, because the economy has become so globalized and because international events influence America so much, the president should spend most of his time traveling abroad.

    The president is completely right to travel to Afghanistan. He should meet and listen to ISAF generals [from the entire coalition.] He should talk to ANSF commanding generals and ask them directly:
    1) how do you plan to win this war? Please be as specific as you can.
    2) what specifically do you need from ISAF and the international community to win this war and over what time frame? Please answer this question assuming different scenarios of Pakistani support for the Taliban/AQ
    4) why do you think ISAF nations and the international community should help you fight your war?

    The President needs to get into the details.

    Do you disagree?

  2. JB Says:

    The President historically doesn’t travel around the globe to ask questions. That is what the Secretary of State does. In Afghanistan we have Generals and embassy staff. I don’t mind him going to Afghanistan but he couldn’t spend more than 15 minutes on the phone with Karzai?

    “The President should generally establish a decent environment for the American private sector to flourish, for Americans and their state governments to solve their own problems, and otherwise try to stay out of their way.”

    I agree 100% on that one.

    But my real question is regarding the number of vacations, and trips to foreign lands that don’t result in any kind of major agreements.

    At one time a meeting with the US President had some significance. Now it’s just speech tours and photo ops.

    Obama has been visited other US states at least 145 times since he’s been elected, he’s visited other countries at least 33 times. What do we have to show for it? It seems a trade agreement with South Korea is about all I can find of significance anyway.

    Should the President get into the details? Well I suppose that would be fine but I don’t suspect he actually is. I don’t see any real evidence of that. But if that’s so maybe he doesn’t need quite so large force of government employees helping out.

  3. Brad Says:

    I am all for having him run around the world. Because when he is here, he takes over significant parts of our economy because he can.

  4. JB Says:

    Humm interesting way to look at it except that he leaves his minions behind to do the dirty work…..

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