EPA doesn’t need your approval

EPA takes over Texas pollution permits


Feds decide state is unwilling to do anything on greenhouse gases

AUSTIN — The federal Environmental Protection Agency on Thursday effectively declared Texas unfit to regulate its own greenhouse gas emissions and took over carbon dioxide permitting of any new or expanding industrial facilities starting Jan. 2.

The EPA also set up a framework for regulating greenhouse gas emissions in seven other states: Arizona, Arkansas, Florida, Idaho, Kansas, Oregon and Wyoming. In addition, the agency set a timetable on establishing regulated levels of greenhouse gas emissions.

The action will give the EPA permitting authority over refineries, power plants and cement facilities in Texas, the agency said, but will not affect small pollution source facilities, such as restaurants and farms…

…Perry (Texas Governor) spokeswoman Katherine Cesinger said the state’s lawsuit against the EPA is continuing in an effort to prove the agency never was given authority by Congress to regulate greenhouse gases.

"The EPAs misguided plan paints a huge target on the backs of Texas agriculture and energy producers by implementing unnecessary, burdensome mandates on our state’s energy sector, threatening hundreds of thousands of Texas jobs and imposing increased living costs on Texas families," Cesinger said.

She said the state’s flexible air quality permitting system led to a 22 percent reduction in ozone and a 53 percent decrease in nitric oxide emissions since 2000….

If they can’t do it by legislation they’ll do it by regulation.  This really needs to be stopped.  The Obama administration and his appointees have made an all out assault on states and personal rights.  Funny how all those leftist that complained during the Bush administration are so damn quiet now. 

Between the EPA, TSA, FCC, HHS, and Federal Reserve do we even need representation anymore?  Where they used to enforce the laws of the land they are now creating them. 

Steven Pressfield’s “it’s the tribes stupid”


An interesting video series, take a look.

It’s the Tribes Stupid

This five-part series is about war in Afghanistan, ancient and modern. Each video is five minutes long. I’m not doing this for money. I have no political axe to grind. I’m a Marine and I don’t want young Marines and soldiers going into harm’s way without the full mental arsenal of history and cultural context.

What’s my thesis? That understanding tribes and tribalism is critical for the U.S. in Afghanistan. The tribal mind-set (warrior pride, hostility to all outsiders, perpetual warfare, the obligation of revenge, suppression of women, a code of honor rather than a system of laws, extreme conservatism, unity with the land, patience and capacity for hatred) permeates everything in Afghanistan and its neighboring Islamic republics. For war-making or peace-making, it cannot be ignored.

Think of these videos as a crash course in tribalism. Start with Episode 1. I invite discussion. Tell me I’m crazy, tell me I’m out to lunch. If you agree, tell me too.

-Steven Pressfield

The Underestimation of Sarah Palin

With only 29% of voters saying that our CIC should have a second term, is Palin a viable option? Even two months ago, I thought not. She has been underestimated time and again. In my opinion she is the reason that the midterm election swayed the way it did. The weaker the President gets, the more realistic it is that she could pick him off. The last campaign she was barely read in on international and national politics yet she gave our VP a run for his money in the debates. He barely held his own, which I think is all he’s good at to begin with. She was handled and stifled by the campaign. She has since educated ourself on national and international policies, formulated her own opinions, ran a huge anti liberal movement, became wealthy all without sacrificing what she has always stood for. Personally, I’d vote for her before almost anyone out there short of Fred Thompson. He doesn’t want the job, didn’t want it last time. He might be the smartest guy in the room. Palin can raise money with the best of them. If she tones down the religious rhetoric, doesn’t allow herself to be handled and let’s fly when the press and her critics (many female voters…hmmm wonder why) try to drag her through the mud, she’ll be fine. It’s a different country than three years ago. It will be a different country in a year. I can’t wait.
Chilihntr out

Are they serious? Trusted Traveler Program

Trusted Traveler Program Sparks Fears That Mexican Drug Cartels Could Bypass U.S. Airport Security

Mexican citizens will soon be eligible to apply for a "trusted traveler" status that will allow them to bypass some elements of airport security when they fly into the United States — a U.S. government-approved program that critics say could be exploited by violent drug cartels.

Under the program, Mexicans who have undergone background checks and are deemed low security risks will be able to fly into major U.S. cities and breeze through customs without being questioned by U.S. Customs agents.

Don’t worry your in the best of hands. 


Just trust us…

The Wall Street Journal did a test on smart phone applications and found the many transmit data to third party companies without user’s knowledge.

These phones don’t keep secrets. They are sharing this personal data widely and regularly, a Wall Street Journal investigation has found.

An examination of 101 popular smartphone "apps"—games and other software applications for iPhone and Android phones—showed that 56 transmitted the phone’s unique device ID to other companies without users’ awareness or consent. Forty-seven apps transmitted the phone’s location in some way. Five sent age, gender and other personal details to outsiders.


We are living in an age where outsiders will know more about you than you do, and they will use the information only for your good, I’m sure……

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